10 great ways to make money as a student

As a student, asking for money from your parents all the time is tiresome and uncomfortable. You might feel like you are burdening them. Are you looking to get financial independence from your parents? Do you want to sustain yourself and your lifestyle without feeling like an inconvenience? This article will direct you on ways to make money.

The following are some easy and accessible ways you could make money as a student;

Homework writing

Some students are lazy and don’t want to do their own homework. Some of them are busy with work and other commitments. Others have more than enough money to spend.

As a student, you have a ton of free time. You could do homework writing for your classmates and other people in your school or others schools. The more homework you can complete, the more money you can make.

Online writing

We are in an era where technology is so advanced. You can easily be able to access the internet. You could use the internet to make money from the comfort of your home.

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There are many online writing services you can offer. They include;

  • Article writing
  • Academic essays
  • Blog posts
  • Guest posts

These jobs are legit, easy, and less demanding, and they will earn you a decent income. There are many opportunities when it comes to online jobs for university students, you just have to look for it and take it.


This is another easy way to make money. Some students grasp concepts faster than others. You could make money explaining different concepts to other students.  Find the people who barely attend classes on campus and tutor them to make money.

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You could also tutor different topics online. You can teach small kids or other adults the concepts, subjects, or foreign languages online. This will also make you legit money as a student.

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Starting a YouTube account is free and easy. You don’t need to pay to start a YouTube channel. To start a YouTube channel, you just need to create an account and start uploading videos.

Your videos need to be as creative as possible. Creative videos attract more attention and thus more views. A YouTuber is paid depending on the number of views of their video. The more views you garner, the more you get paid.

Essay editing service

Editing other people’s essays is another way to make money. You could make money proofreading other people’s work and making the necessary grammar changes and corrections. With apps like Grammarly, this has even become easier

You could also improve people’s essays by making them more presentable and interesting. Use the Microsoft apps like PowerPoint to create exciting presentations. Nowadays essay editing services have been very lucrative since assignment writing website need to deliver quality papers to clients.

Online Surveys

There are several online sites that are willing to pay you to evaluate their services and products. These sites pay to get feedback on their goods so that they can know how effective they are.

They use the feedback to make necessary adjustments to satisfy the consumer market. Online survey sites pay well. You earn legal and legit money.

Working part-time jobs

You could consider things that you are good at. You could turn your hobbies and talents into a way to make money. You can make money doing what you love, like painting, artistic work like music, and other things.

You can also work at that nearby café or restaurant doing simple jobs like serving tables or hospitality jobs.


Being your own boss is quite rewarding and could be lucrative for students. You could start a business around your college. You can begin selling things that are more likely to be used by students, such as school items, fast food, and other stuff.

Delivery services

You could make money delivering food, drinks, or groceries to people’s houses. Partner with businesses around to deliver stuff on their behalf and get paid.

You can also advertise your services among your friends. This will inform people about your delivery services and how they can order food and other stuff through you directly.

Sell your ideas or inventions

Do you have an idea for making something or goods, but you don’t have the necessary resources? Have you invented a specific product, but you don’t have the market? You could sell the idea or partner with a company that can finance and market the product.

The company, institution, or individual you partner with should pay you a certain percentage for all the sales made from your idea. You could also agree to completely sell out at an agreed price.

Concluding remarks

Making money doesn’t just give you financial freedom but also independence. When you make your own money as a student, you have the freedom to spend it as you wish. You also learn to spend it responsibly. You can choose any of the above ways to make money that works best for you and secure your finances.

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