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11 Steps to Plan Your Garage Remodeling

Get the garage of your dreams with our top 11 steps to planning your garage remodeling. A garage is an easy dumping ground for junk and clutter. It’s often overlooked when redesigning a home, which is a shame because a stellar garage can make your home have better function and design!

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1) Game plan

Before you dive into your garage remodeling project it’s a good idea to create a game plan. Find inspiration photos online and write down any modifications you want to make before starting. A game plan will help your vision be cohesive and come to life.

2) Clutter be gone

Getting rid of clutter is a key to remodeling your garage. Create three piles and be cutthroat as you sort and organize. Piles should include:

  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Donate to someone in need

3) Get lofty

Utilize vertical space in your garage by creating a loft space. This is the perfect spot to place seasonal items or things you don’t necessarily reach for on a daily basis but still need.

4) Small improvements

Next up is to make some small improvements you’ve probably been meaning to get to. Replace that drafty garage door seal, fix the outlet that hasn’t worked in years or replace the floor drain cover. These small things will add up to make your garage feel brand new.

5) Clear it out

Our next tip to getting a garage remodeling complete is to clear everything off the floor. This includes any storage, the work bench, the garage fridge. Everything should be out of there so you can start with a clean slate.

6) Seal coat

Add a seal coating to the floors for a clean, durable, and fresh finish to your flooring. You can purchase a do-it-yourself kit or hire a professional to get the floors sparkling and new.

7) Let light in

Another great project to take on when remodeling your garage is to brighten the space. Try adding additional windows or wiring in extra overhead lighting. However you decide to execute, be sure it is bright for a fresh feel.

8) Say bye to studs

If your walls are still offering exposed studs, finish the space with drywall for a fresh and clean look.

9) Refreshing paint

Complete the look of your new drywall by taping, mudding, and painting a light and bright color. Keeping the shade airy will make the space look larger and feel less cluttered.

9) Storage, storage, storage

The key to remodeling a garage is integrating storage solutions wherever possible. Think cabinetry on the walls, floating shelves, and added drawer space. Hang hooks on the walls to make for an easy place to store yard tools. Wherever you can, add storage!

10) Helping hands

Know that a garage remodel is no easy task. Ask for some helping hands if needed!

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