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21 Amazing Reasons to Visit Udaipur

Udaipur is an amazing city that attracts people from all over the world. Udaipur offers many activities. The city has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years. Udaipur, the capital of the Mewar kingdom’s Rajputana regime, was its historical capital.

MaharanaUdai Sing, a Rajput from Sisodia, founded this beautiful and picturesque city in 1553. His capital was moved from Chittorgarh to the “White City”, Udaipur. This city is also known by the names “Lake City” and “Venice of the East”. Udaipur is a romantic place that deserves to be on the top of the list. You won’t have enough time for all the activities in Udaipur, whether they are historical, culinary, or simply to enjoy a beautiful view.

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Udaipur is a beautiful amalgamation of culture, history, tradition, archaeology, and natural beauty. The Mewar rulers are the ones who built this beautiful city in the middle of a vast desert. This is a popular tourist spot for honeymooners as well as for people who enjoy exploring the cultural heritage of Rajasthan with their families and friends making it a perfect place to plan your Udaipur Tour.

Tourists from all corners of the globe flock to this city for its many attractions. You can fly directly from several Indian cities to reach Udaipur.

Below are some things you can do in Udaipur. I hope you enjoy my suggestions.

Enjoy the Mewar Sound and Light Show at the City Palace Of Udaipur

The palace is located on the banks the Lake Pichola. This palace reflects the rich history and architectural beauty of Rajasthan. The palace is a blend of European, Chinese and medieval architecture. This palace was built under MaharanaUdai Sing’s guidance and later by his descendants. There are 11 palaces total.

Different rulers built them. The amazing Sound and Light Show, which takes place in the evenings, is another attraction that draws tourists to this palace. You should include Udaipur’s Sound and Light Show if you enjoy historical artefacts that reflect the great architect.

Sunset Boat Cruise on Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is one of those spots that immediately grab your attention as you enter this beautiful city. It stretches up to 6.96 km 2 and encompasses four islands: Jag Niwas (Jag Mandir), Arsi Vilas (Mohan Mandir), and Jag Niwas (Jag Mandir). Enjoying the boat cruise on the lake is something you shouldn’t miss when visiting Udaipur.

It starts at the RameshwarGhat, near the Udaipur City Palace. It looks ethereal when the sun sets in the evenings. The beauty of Lake Pichola is enhanced by the bright light that shines in surrounding palaces as the night progresses. It is possible to boat here at sunset, which can make it a great addition to things you do in Udaipur.

Enjoy the enchanting beauty of The Lake Palace.

Lake Pichola surrounds jag Niwas Island on all sides. It contains the Lake Palace. The Maharanas originally built it as a summer retreat. This palace was designed to withstand the heat of Rajasthan’s summer heat. It is now managed by the Taj Group of Hotels. The famous Taj Lake Palace is a prominent place on the global list of luxury hotels.

This palace redefines romance and love with a backdrop of the stunning Aravalli hills. Although the cost of a stay in this hotel may be more than you can afford, it is well worth every cent. The palace is worth a visit even if you don’t have the funds to pay for a room. The palace now has modern amenities such as a cafe, lounge, restaurant, swimming pool and 12 banquet halls.

It also offers conference rooms. It is a popular wedding location for couples looking to make their big day memorable and grand due to its incredible beauty. This beautiful artefact is a must-see on the list of things to do in Udaipur.

Take a ride on the various bicycle tours in The City of Udaipur.

A cycle tour is a great way to see a natural beauty and rural charm of Udaipur. You can choose from a variety of cycling tours that take you to popular spots. This allows you to see the surrounding countryside and the outskirts of the city. You can choose from a variety of biking tours depending on your time and strength. It can be a rewarding experience to cycle through the picturesque streets of Udaipur.

A beautiful visit to the Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir, which is surrounded by Lake Pichola, stands on Jag Mandir Island. It is a collection of amazing structures that were constructed during the 17 th century. The Jag Mandir is the primary building. The entrance is decorated with marble elephant statues and can thus be easily identified. Its three-story construction includes many impressive sections, including a Darikhana (a courtyard in the garden) and the GulMahal to the north.

Other than these, there is the ZenanaMahal, which is the southern extension of GulMahal, the 12 Stones Palace or BarahPatharonkaMahal, and the KunwarPadaMahal on this island. This place can be visited during your boat trip. Include this place on your Udaipur bucket list.

Participate in Nature Photography at The Famous Saheliyo Ki Bari

Saheliyoki Bari is a great place to go if you love photography of nature. Maharana Bhopal Sing led the construction of this structure. This building is located in Udaipur City’s northern region. It was built for the maids who accompanied the Princess as part of her dowry.

The maids could dance, sing, play board games and engage in other recreational activities here. The garden features a variety of plants, flowering trees, fountains, kiosks and fountains. There are also marble elephants and a lotus pool. Enjoy some nature photography while you are in Udaipur.

Explore the Lifestyle of Maharanas at Bagore Ki Haveli

Bagoreki Haveli can be found at GangaurGhat on the picturesque Lake Pichola. This haveli has a magnificent view of the lake. It was built during the 18 th century by Mewar rulers. This mansion is home to 138 rooms. Now, the museum offers a glimpse into the historical and royal lifestyle of Mewar rulers. You can see the longest turban, many copper vessels, dice games and hookahs, as well as jewellery boxes, hookahs and paintings. There are also various everyday items that were used frequently by the royal family who lived here. The evenings feature a dance and music show that explains the history and culture in Rajasthan and Udaipur. It is highly recommended to include Udaipur activities that allow you to experience the royal lifestyle.

Pray at The Jagdish Temple

Udaipur is not only famous for its beautiful palaces but also for its amazing temples. Near the Badi Pol, you will find the Jagdish Temple. The elephant-skirted staircase makes it easy to spot. It was built under MaharanaJagat S’s guidance. This temple houses a black-stone idol of Vishnu, the Hindu God. It is surrounded by a brass statue of mythological Garuda.

This sculpture faces the main idol and is believed to represent Vishnu’s transport. There are several small shrines dedicated to Lord Siva and Goddess Shakti, Lord Ganesha, Sun God Surya, and Lord Ganesha. For the religious, it is worth paying attention to the prayers that are offered every morning and night. Offering prayers can be a great thing to do in Udaipur.

Enjoy the Rajasthani Flavors of Cuisine with The Famous LaalMaans

Enjoy your Udaipur trip with its wonderful cuisine. It is spicy and combines the traditional Rajasthani flavours. LaalMaans, a Rajasthani traditional dish, is made from mutton cooked with red chilli paste and selected herbs.

This gives the meat a unique flavour. Many restaurants and diners offer LaalMaans in Udaipur, but the JagatNiwas at LalGhat and Ambrai are most famous for their LaalMaans. You can enjoy the exquisite cuisine of Rajasthan while on your Udaipur tour.

Explore the BhartiyaLok Kaala Museum

The Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum is a great place to relax and learn about the Rajasthani culture. It is located at the Chetak circle of the city and is very popular with history enthusiasts. It houses a vast collection of tribal jewellery, dresses and turbans, puppets and paintings, as well as dolls and musical instruments. This museum will bring a smile to your face, so make sure to take a few hours off of your travel schedule. This exploration should be included in Udaipur’s list of things to do. You will feel awed by art.

Devi Karni Mata: Seek Blessings

There are many activities in Udaipur. But, your Udaipur vacation is incomplete without visiting the Karni Mata temple. In the hills of MachlaMagra, you will find the temple of the Hindu Goddess Shri ManshaPurnaKarni Mata. According to legend, Goddess Shri Karni Mata hears all prayers and fulfils every need of devotees who visit her temple. Visitors come from all over the globe to receive blessings and fulfil their wishes. This temple is worth visiting for its religious beliefs and because of the beautiful architecture, mirror work on walls, and colourful tiles.

The rats are another peculiar feature of this temple. The temple is home to thousands of rats fed by devotees who visit the temple daily. The Karni Mata temple, also known as “The Temple of Rats”, is located in Udaipur. Due to the many rats, this temple is one of Udaipur’s most unique attractions.

Ropeway Ride to Bewitching Views

One of the many routes to the temple of Karni Mata is the ropeway ride. Ropeway riding is a great sport for those who love doing crazy things. This ride is also a great way to take in the stunning natural scenery of Udaipur. This is a great way to see the majestic views of the hills, and it’s also a fast way to get to the temple. Enjoy the beautiful views and the ropeway ride, which is highly recommended as part of things to do in Udaipur.

Enjoy the Joyride to Udaipur via a Helicopter

You can enjoy Udaipur’s beauty from the air by taking a helicopter ride. There are many helicopter rides that you can choose from, depending on your time and budget. You will have a spectacular view from the air of various monuments and palaces. Book your helicopter ride if you’re looking for crazy things to do. This helicopter ride is a wonderful addition to the list of things you can do in Udaipur.

Enjoy the Wilderness of Wildlife Sanctuary of Kumbhalgarh

The wildlife sanctuary of Kumbhalgarh, which is a paradise for nature photographers and nature lovers, is one of the top things to do in Udaipur. It is located approximately 65 km from Udaipur. The sanctuary covers an area of 578 sq. ft. and includes the fort at Kumbhalgarh. It is home to endangered species such as the sloth bear and jackal, hyenas, wolf, chausingha. This sanctuary is the only one in Rajasthan where you can find wolves.

Here you will also find parakeets and doves as well as the white-breasted kingfisher, parakeets and doves. The Kumbhalgarh Fort is a must-see if you plan to include this in your Udaipur things to do. It is the second-largest wall after the Great Wall of China. Kumbhalgarh can be included in Udaipur’s list of things to do, even if it is not for wildlife.

Lip Smacking Boharwadi Falafels

Local cuisine is a must-try on any trip. Although Rajasthan’s deserts may remind you of the Arab countries, there are many great restaurants in the city that serve delicious Arabian cuisine. Fakhri Sandwich offers authentic Arabian cuisine. Although there isn’t a huge menu, it’s worth checking out all of the mentioned items.

There are many options available, including mutton sandwiches, egg sandwiches and mutton keto, mutton patties, keema sandwich and mutton patties, as well as amazing falafels. This place is a must-visit for foodies. This is a great place to go if you are looking for gastronomic delights in Udaipur.

Lake Fateh Sagar boat ride

While everyone visits Lake Pichola, you should also consider a boat ride to FatehSagar if you’re looking for something more fun. This lake lies in the north direction of Lake Pichola and is connected by a canal. There are three islands in this lake. The most popular is Nehru Park. This park is ideal for friends and family as it has a zoo, which is a popular attraction for children. This is a must-see for families with young children.

Traditional shopping at The Bazaar of Hathi Poli

Tourists from all over the globe flock to Rajasthan for its traditional art and craft. You can also shop for traditional Rajasthani handicrafts while you’re enjoying your Udaipur stay. The bazaar at Hathi Pol is the ideal place to shop for souvenirs, artisanal items, paintings, and other handicrafts.

This bazaar offers a wide range of handwork products, and you can negotiate their prices to get a great deal. Rajasthani handicrafts are well-known for their Pichwai paintings, tie-dye prints, batik prints, puppets, and bandhani printed clothes. If you’re looking for souvenirs, it is worth shopping here.

Take a look at the Vintage Beauty of The Road.

The Museum of Vintage and Classic Cars is a great place to go if you are a fan of classic cars and love old-fashioned things. This building used to be the state garage, but it now houses a museum dedicated to classic cars.

Nearly 22 vehicles are housed here, including the 1937 seven-seat Cadillac, Queen Elizabeth II’s convertible Cadillac that took her to the airport in 1961, as well as the 1934 Phantom Rolls-Royce, which was featured in James Bond’s “Octopussy”. This is a great place to visit if you love vintage cars and cars.

Enjoy the Lake City from your feet.

You can choose from a variety of trekking tours in Udaipur that cover different destinations and have different time periods. These trekking tours begin early in the morning. They take you on an incredible journey that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the scenic landscapes as well as the diverse fauna and flora. You will be amazed at the beauty and tranquillity of the entire area during this trip. These heritage walks are a great way to take in the beauty of Udaipur at a more relaxed pace.

Shilpgram is Worth a Visit

Shilpgram is a crafts fair held every year in Udaipur. It is a must-see for art lovers. This beautiful fair aims to promote the state’s handicrafts, textiles, and crafts. Rajasthan has held a prominent place in the world of arts and handicrafts for many years. This fair features a variety of Rajasthani specialities that you can review, including sculptures of terracotta, marble, tie-dye, mirror work and work on camel skin. You can also find information about their festivals on their website.

Admire The Beauty of the Temple of Eklingji

The temple of Eklingji, located 22 kilometres from Udaipur, is one of the most famous temples in Rajasthan. It is dedicated to Shiva, the Hindu God. It was built under the direction of BappaRawal around 734 AD. It has beautiful architecture and structure. A black marble, 50-foot-high four-faced statue of Lord Shiva graces the temple. The Shiva Linga, a silver-silver snake, is the main attraction and is bejewelled with silver beads. This temple is an excellent recommendation for religious activities in Udaipur.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions. I will love to hear from you if you have been to Udaipur. Based on your exploration, I’d love to include suggestions in this post.

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