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3 Key Features to Consider When Selecting Safety Gloves

When doing industrial work, it’s important to protect your hands and wrists. In Australia, some industries that require such safety protection include construction, mining, and landscaping, which are among the country’s largest sectors. Hand- and wrist-related injuries are the most common work-related injury Down Under, so it’s important to consider these safety gloves’ key features. 

Why Are Safety Gloves Necessary?

The primary function of work gloves is to lower the risk of hand injuries. For heavy-duty construction work, for example, the most common injuries include pinches and burns, so it’s critical to pick ultra-strong and durable gloves.

Meanwhile, lightweight gloves can protect you from factors like splinters and bug bites if you’re doing light work like gardening.

Some general features to look for include comfort and support. These are critical issues to make sure the gloves fit right and feel comfortable. Regardless of how strong a pair of gloves is, if they don’t feel comfy, then you’ll be less likely to wear them at work or home.

Here are some critical features to look for when selecting gloves:


It’s important to select the right material for the particular work you’re doing. The main types of materials available include:

Leather: This is the best overall option for heavy-duty work. However, one of the main drawbacks is low breathability, so your hands might feel uncomfortable in hot weather.  

Rubber: These gloves are ideal if you need water-proof or chemical-resistant gloves. It’s essential to select a high-quality pair to get the best results. 

Meanwhile, one of the main drawbacks of rubber gloves is they provide less hand movement, so they’re not a good option for high-precision work. 

Cotton: These are a good option for many industrial tasks, although they’re not ultra-durable. When doing work like hand tilling, you should consider using a second pair. 

Nitrile: This is a knitted material with a coating of liquid rubber. These gloves are a good option for light work. They also provide the added benefit of improved grip, making them practical for various kinds of work.

Coatings: Besides the gloves’ material, you can also find treatments like polyurethane (PU) coatings that provide extra protection for the wearer. 


When wearing work gloves, size and fit are some of the most important factors to consider. Both factors are related to each other. 

Some issues are,

  • Inside seams are strong but can irritate.
  • Outside seams are comfortable but might wear out fast.
  • Seams across the palm provide good comfort.

Some work gloves have colour-coded wrists for different sizes. This makes it easier for workers to select gloves of the right size since they won’t have to search for a small tag. 


As with other safety gear, it’s important to pick industrial gloves produced by a well-established company. You can read online reviews to learn the consensus about a certain brand. This can help you to choose wisely. Protective gloves are an investment in workplace safety, so it’s important to select a reputable brand that can provide high quality and functionality.

When selecting safety gloves, some of the main features include the material, fit, and brand. This can help to protect your hands and improve your work.

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