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3 Tips for Buying Men’s Jewelry

Contrary to popular opinion, women don’t have a monopoly when it comes to wearing jewelry. Men also seek the latest trends and jewels to complement their outfits. That being said, many men still struggle when choosing suitable pieces. They simply don’t know what to look out for.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a jeweler to know how to buy good pieces. Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or one of the favorite men in your life, the piece of jewelry must represent style and quality. We know how daunting it can get working your way through the different brands and price tags. That’s why our well-curated guide below offers valuable tips to help you choose the best jewelry for men.

1. Carry out extensive research.

The jewelry industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, garnering well over $300 billion USD in global sales. Of that figure, the international luxury jewelry market accounted for around $25 billion. Analysts have predicted that the value will increase in the coming years.

If you read a lot about jewelry on social media or review sites, you’d know that market trends shift towards lab-grown diamonds. Interestingly, these synthetic diamonds’ unique craftsmanship makes it nearly impossible to differentiate them from a natural diamond.

It’s good to know some of these things before going jewelry shopping. If anything, it provides you with the additional information you need to make an informed choice. Furthermore, try to search for notable brands and their products.

There are many reliable options out there. Some reputable jewelers include Tiffany & Co and Agape Diamonds, which is situated in Tampa, Florida. There are many Agape Diamonds reviews to read online for better knowledge of what they offer. More so, if you’re looking to buy a diamond engagement ring for your fiancée, you can opt for either an Agape simulated diamond or a real diamond with a white gold or rose gold band.

2. The jewelry must resonate with the man’s style.

For the quintessential man, every piece of jewelry must reflect his personality and style. Many jewelry brands have prestigious legacies dating back centuries. A typical example is the Rolex watch brand; every one of their timepieces tells a different story.

Another example is Tag Heuer, established in the 1880s by Edouard Heuer. The brand has gained widespread recognition for its precision timing and innovative designs.

If you want to buy a watch, for example, select a brand that resonates well with your style or the person you’re buying for. For instance, if that person is a family man, brands like Tag Heuer are a good choice. For stylish watches, Rolex is one popular option. Whether it’s a bracelet, cufflinks, or necklace, always opt for a piece of jewelry that highlights that person’s style and personality. Moreover, it’s a good idea to buy jewelry from shops that offer free shipping, a return policy, and a lifetime warranty.

3. Never go to a jewelry shop blank.

Picking an item from an assortment of jewelry without an idea of what you want is a non-starter. This is because jewelry stores, whether online or brick-and-mortar, have on display an assortment of jewelry merchandise. This can be overwhelming, and going in without a clear idea of what you want is never a good idea.

Even if you don’t understand the technical terms used in the jewelry industry, the least you can do is understand some essential characteristics of the item you want to purchase. Some of the descriptors you need to finalize before walking into a store include color type, proportion, type of metal, cut, and price.

For instance, if you want to buy a necklace, ensure you have a specific metal and price range in mind before you start shopping. That way, you won’t be thrown off balance by the sight of countless pieces of jewelry or misled by an over-enthusiastic salesperson.

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