3 top qualities to look for before hiring a car accident attorney!

If you find that you have gotten in a wreck while driving on the highway, you may immediately be flustered and scared – and you’re not alone. Many people who get in trouble with the law, whether due to a minor issue or major crime, often feel scared when a police car shows up at a scene.

Whether you were the party at fault in the crash or you were wrongly hit, you may find yourself needing a lawyer to help fight your case in a court of law. If this is the case, and you and the other person involved cannot settle your crash via insurance, you need to figure out how to hire the best and most qualified professional to help you win your case.

Let’s see the top qualities you should look for in a lawyer when trying to win a battle against the other person involved in the motor crash.

3 top qualities to look for in a car accident attorney

Before you can choose a professional like Betz and Baril to help you win your court case, you need to make sure your car accident attorney is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

Experience in other car accident cases

One of the most important factors before choosing a car accident attorney to work for you is experience. Do you want someone who just started working and graduated college, or do you want an experienced professional who has a history of winning cases? Almost everyone will choose the latter if they’re going to feel safe and confident during their trial.

Experience is one of the best qualities any type of attorney can have. No matter how routine a case may seem, those with experience will know the best way to fight the opposition and prove your point. Ask your car accident attorney about their previous cases, their win and loss record, their personality in the courtroom, and any complaints filed against them in recent years.

Knowledgeable regarding insurance companies

The second aspect that a trusted car accident attorney must have is knowledge about how the legal process works and how insurance companies operate. Your attorney must understand how the insurance company plays a pivotal role in who wins the case and gets the money.


Your car accident attorney needs to understand your wants and needs and sympathize with your point of view. If they don’t understand what you are saying to them or what happened in the situation, they will not comprehensively fight your side during the court battle. Making sure you hire a reputable car accident attorney can increase the chances of clear communication and compassion while dealing with heavy subjects, such as car accidents, injuries, or deaths.


Finding a car accident attorney who is compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced is a foolproof way to increase your chances of winning your court case. Whether you are the party at fault or you have been rear-ended, you need to find a trusted professional who knows what they are doing in a courtroom.

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