4 Advantages of Converting PDF to PPT Documents

PDF (Portable document format) from the word itself we already know what this format can do, Nowadays PDF format is one of the most common and easy ways of converting files. This is not only used in school but also in other industries, especially in the corporate world. We can transfer or move files from one another by just using this format. It can be a hassle-free process to do.

What is PPT?

PPT format was introduced by Microsoft with the release of PowerPoint. It also represents the extension of the Powerpoint file that consists of a collection of slides for displaying slideshows, it consists of different types of information such as text, bulleted points, image, multimedia and other.

Advantage of PDF over PPT

Before you convert pdf to ppt, let us first give you some of the advantages of using PDF over the latter. Slideshows and presentations are the food for the hungry professionals. It is the common way to present reports, results, goals, targets, proposals, and other simple notes. Since presenting PowerPoint became essential more user used tools such as Powerpoint.

1.Portability – When we say portable it always comes to our mind it’s compressed, small, and easy to carry, and PDF achieved that. It is compact that all the data you need fits your Gmail shared and transferred with ease.

2.Compatible – PDF is a compact file that all data you need is there and it can be transferred to any device without messing it up, it means all the layout, fonts, and contents won’t be moved. You can also open it even using a mobile phone no more hassle for those missing information.

3.High Quality – With the feature we have PDF files can ensure the quality remains as it was created hence the presentation becomes more attractive and effective.

4.Secure and Safe – Not all applications can assure that your files are safe as you want. Some of the applications can still allow copying the content and even open the files and could even erase it. PDF has this feature that you can lock your files to the point that the viewer is not allowed to access them for editing.

How to Convert PDF to PPT

There are a lot of PDF to PPT converter tools available in the market that you can use for free if you’re going to ask us. We believe PDFBear could be the perfect online tool to help you out with all of your tasks. Here are the easy steps on how to convert PDF to PPT.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Select files” Button and open your files, wait until it is done
  3. Your PDF file is being uploaded
  4. Start converting your PDf file to PowerPoint
  5. Click the Download or share your file to your Gmail or google drive

It’s always been PDFBear’s goal is to reach and help as many users as possible to lessen the workloads and pressure to do a lot of conversion and editing by using our tools. PDFBears’s tools support most of the major operating systems including all the versions so it will be a smooth process to do.

Advantage of PPT over PDf

Presentation is the life of the professionals, they need to share pieces of information and result with the clients, education colleagues, and industry events and industry events by usingfree PowerPoint templates and getting all creative with those.This is the best format to deliver the presentation. Here a look at the 4 advantages of Powerpoint over PDF.

1.Animation and transitions Powerpoint offers different animation effects that can help to bring back the life of presentation. You can have an animation and effect using PDF.

2.Videos and sound-  Did you know that you can insert videos into a PowerPoint presentation, you can set them up or do an auto-play when you advance to a specific slide while doing a presentation. You can also insert youtube videos into a presentation, This is impossible to do so in PDF.

3.Last second Editing – When you have an important presentation and you need to edit it’s impossible to declare the presentation done until the last minute. When you use PowerPoint you can still keep working on your presentation up until the last second of it. With PDF you have to publish the presentation and declare it done well before it’s given.

4.Blackouts- Powerpoint allows you to use the “B” which means Blackout the key to blackout your presentation while presenting mode, but still, the presenter is the most important component in a presentation. These features can’t be done using PDF.


The converter of PDF to PPT makes our tough works turn simpler and easier, you’ll spend less in editing and transferring files to one another and you can have a hassle-free process. This economic and information time plays an important role. Every day in our life we may need to use it, so why do we say “No”? Yes, we need it. To check our website just visit

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