4 Best Mattresses For Students In New Zealand

College is an exciting phase in anyone’s life. You move out of your parent’s home and spend the next few years among peers of the same age group. You start to learn a lot more than what is mentioned in the curriculum. You pick up specific social skills, better financial management skills, and self-dependency. While most dorms and college rooms have all the necessities, the existing mattress may not be the right fit for you. When searching for a mattress, a student would look for utility over comfort. Luxury mattresses have a hefty price tag attached to them, and the goal is to save as much as possible. What a student looks for in a mattress is comforting and grants them uninterrupted sleep.

While mattress choice heavily depends on the sleeping position, body weight, budget, and the number of people sleeping, Brownies Mattress Direct has shortlisted four of the best mattresses for students in an affordable price range like a mattress sale.

Budget-Friendly and Best Mattress for Students

Sense-A-Tech Backcare

A firm mattress that provides sufficient back support, the Sense-A-Tech Backcare mattress is suited for the student lifestyle. Whether you lie on the bed for a prolonged studying session or hitting after a day of projects and submission, this mattress has got your back (pun intended). It is an entry-level mattress with a base of Helicoil long lace springs that provide even weight distribution from the head-to-toe. Being a firm mattress, it is suitable for those lying on their backs or stomach sleepers. The top soft fabric layer has a foam layer sandwiched between the base and top layer. The soft knit ticking keeps the mattress intact even after innumerous plopping from an all-nighter (or party.)

Why is it suitable for Students?

  • Single size Mattress only for $249.00
  • Helicoil Springs for maximum comfort
  • Foam layer for maximum comfort
  • Best for those lying on their backs
  • Five-years warranty

Sense-A-Tech Elegance

A medium-firm budget mattress, the Elegance mattress from the Sense-A-Tech range has a thicker foam layer. Similar to the other mattresses in the Sense-A-Tech range, this mattress also has Helicoil long lace springs for rugged back support. The thicker top layer provides a medium-firm feel that allows blood circulation in the side sleeping position without waking up with pin and needles sensation. This mattress is available in different sizes, a step up from the Backcare mattress with a slight bump in the price. Yet, the cost is justified when compared with the additional comfort you get.

Why is it suitable for students?

  • Single size Mattress only for $329
  • Helicoil Springs for maximum comfort
  • Thicker foam layer compared to Backcare
  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Five-year Warranty

Promotional Innerspring

Another coil mattress with a thick foam top layer, the Promotional Innerspring mattress, is an entry-level mattress from Brownies Mattress. It gives enough back support and comfort while being easy on the pockets. An odd color ticking provides the mattress with a premium look, and the Helicoil Long Lace Spring Unit gives ample support, irrespective of the position you sleep in. Compared to the Sense-A-Tech, the promotional innerspring mattress has a looser coil density, but this doesn’t make the latter any inferior. For a student that needs nothing more than a comfortable sleep, the innerspring mattress is a good mattress choice.

Why is it suitable for students?

  • Single size Mattress only for $249
  • Helicoil Springs for maximum comfort
  • Thick foam layer
  • Suitable for all types of sleeper position

Medicoil – Firm

The entry-level firm coil mattress, Medicoil firm, is just like the Sense-A-Tech mattress. A thick comfort layer in-between the top layer and bottom coil base provides uncompromised comfort. The main point of difference lies in the top layer. The Medicoil-Firm has a Dacron fibre quilted pillow top that gives a plush feel without compromising on the spring resilence. This entry-to-mid-range mattress is suitable for those who sleep on their back or stomach but need a more comfortable top layer. Being a firm mattress, side sleepers may not prefer this mattress.

Why is it suitable for students?

  • Single size Mattress only for $459
  • Helicoil Springs for maximum comfort
  • Thicker foam layer compared to Backcare
  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Five-year Warranty

What Should Students Look For in Their Mattress?

An average person needs 7-9 hours of sleep. However, due to academic pressure and a highly active social life, students tend to compromise on their sleep. Yet, by investing in a good mattress, they can ensure that the sleep quality is good enough to power through the rest of the day.

  • Firmness
    On a scale of 10, without one being stiffest and 10 being actual clouds, students should opt for 5-8.
  • Mattress material type

You have the option of choosing a spring coil, foam, gel, or latex mattress. Each offers a different type of comfort that is needed for different sleeping positions.

  • Budget

Living off a monthly budget, students cannot afford a super deluxe bed. Instead, a mattress that requires less maintenance and is durable is generally preferred.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a mattress can be overwhelming when unsure of what you need. Hence, most mattress brands offer 100 nights guarantee and easy finance options to buy the right mattress. We hope this article helps you find the best mattress for students.

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