5 Best Sites to Do a Free Car License Plate Lookup

License plates help in car identification purposes. That is why every car has one regardless of the country. As long as there are laws and orders to be followed in your region, they will include vehicle registration procedures.

Now that every car has a license plate, what can you know when you use it to check for more information about the auto in question? If you are thinking about going to the DMV or the local department involved in car registration, hold that thought.

We have five of the best websites to help in a quick license plate check. Since they are all web-based, you only need an internet connection and an updated browser to get the services.

VinPit License Plate Lookup Site

If you want quick results from a license plate check, then visit the VinPit website for the exercise. It will take barely two minutes since all you need is to load the website, feed the license plate characters, and then click search.

We love it since it’s well-arranged, thanks to the front-end developers for the website. Apart from checking on the license plate, it also has plenty of information for learning purposes. Therefore, if you are confused about what to do, there are guidelines for you.

There are common reasons for checking on a license plate. With VinPit, you can solve the following when you run the license plate lookup:

  • Know more about a car that has been involved in an accident
  • Get details about a used or new car you just purchased
  • Reporting bad drivers
  • To solve legal disputes by getting the correct information
  • For motivation and fulfilling personal reasons

All of the above reasons can be satisfied by feeding the license plate on the input field provided by VinPit. You, however, need to know that it may not reveal everything due to government regulations.

There are strict regulations towards sharing the data associated with license plates. On the other hand, VinPit is connected to a vast database that involves 50 states in the US. So, you will get basic information that consists of the model and the year of release.

More to that includes the following:

  • The car’s technical specifications
  • Whether the vehicle is safe for transport
  • The car’s market value
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Whether the vehicle has a warranty or not
  • The accidents involved, if any
  • Mileage information

With such information, if you are a buyer or seller, you will know the auto’s general condition. It doesn’t matter if you are checking a Mercedes license plate or a Dodge. VinPit will always tell you the history behind it and if the seller is hiding some information.

VinPit also decodes the VINs. If the license plate check revealed the car’s VIN, you could proceed to run it on the website to acquire the missing details. That tells you that it’s a resourceful website that reveals more car details when you only have the license plate digits.


VinCheck.Info will also run a license plate check and reveal more about it. It’s web-based, meaning you only need to head to the website with the digits, and that’s it. It contains more than 200 million registered vehicles in the US, and that’s a vast database to utilize.

VinCheck.Info gathers from the government, auto dealers, and insurance companies to get you the details. In return, it gives you a few pieces that involve the car’s market value, fuel efficiency, specifications, warranty, and ownership.

Find By Plate

Find By Plate can also reveal more about license plates for free. It’s a website that people use to report bad drivers, which means you can get those details. That also implies most of what you will retrieve are reports which even involve pictures and videos.

Using Find By Plate does not incur charges, but you will use it at your own risk. The platform cannot verify whether the information is accurate since it also includes individual reports from contributors.

Apart from the images and videos, you will also see comments, government recalls, and a few details about motor vehicles. In general, what you get from this website is from public records.


If you are still finding a way to avoid visiting the DMV offices for a license plate lookup, then run to FaxVIN using your computer or smartphone. It’s another web-based platform that gets you all the associated license plate information in minutes.

All you need is to enter the digits and click on the search button to receive the results. If you find the website taking longer than a few minutes, that’s because it’s collecting the data from public records and verified government sources.

The data included in the generated report contains accident history, mileage, damages by fire or floods, lien and repossession, and ownership information. It’s free of charge to check a license plate using FaxVIN.

Vehicle History

Vehicle History gives you a chance to look up license plates by vehicle categories. Therefore, if you have a sedan, you can simply click on the provided tab or part to filter the search. It has a wealth of information from motor vehicle departments, insurance companies, and service stations.

What you get from Vehicle History includes major accidents, stolen reports, title branding, safety for transport, inspections, and any other publicly available information.


With a list of five websites for license plate lookups, you are already spoilt. We advocate starting with VinPit to see what you will find out. If you would like to verify what you just saw, you can feed the plate digits on another website.

Some of the information may not be legit since these websites depend on public records. Furthermore, there are strict regulations towards revealing details about a number plate. If you want more than what the online platforms have, you can visit the motor vehicle departments.

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