5 Can’t Miss Tips for Restaurant Renovations

Renovations involve changing a space to ensure it functions correctly or to improve its appearance. Noise and dirt from renovations will impair the dining experience, even if the renovations only affect a small space far from the kitchen and dining room, prompting you to close your facilities until renovations are complete.

Renovations can be stressful. Part of the reason for the stress is uncertainty about how to start the process. Using these tips will simplify the renovation process, help you effectively launch your renovation plan, and save you time and money.

1. Work with an interior designer.

Interior designers are experts trained to create a new design for indoor spaces. It’s their job to consider everything from safety codes to aesthetics during the design stage. Interior designers who specialize in restaurant designs will consider your needs and concerns while creating a design plan. The design serves as a guide for the process and outlines your needs. Interior designers work with contractors, so you don’t have to hire contractors or evaluate their credentials. Your designer creates a project budget and timeline and works to ensure the project stays on budget and schedule.

2. Solicit input from your customers and employees.

Every person who interacts with a space evaluates it based on their needs. A business owner may overlook how drafty it is to sit at a table near the main entrance because they spend most of their time in their office or other parts of their business. Similarly, the kitchen staff may understand the challenges of preparing food while supplies are transported through their workspace. Still, servers may be more focused on lineups cutting through the walkways between tables because the restaurant has small bathrooms.

Solicit feedback from customers and all of your employees. You can have an anonymous suggestion box. You can also talk to employees and customers and ask what they’d like to see in a remodeled space. Once you develop a list, you can even conduct a poll to establish priorities. Soliciting input from your employees shows them you value their opinions and want to improve their workspace. Asking customers for feedback shows you value their opinion and want to offer them superb customer service.

3. Secure your items in storage during renovations.

Your renovated restaurant may include new equipment, but you may reuse some of your current equipment to reduce costs. Google “storage units near Miami, FL” to locate storage facilities in your area. A storage facility locator site makes it possible to generate a list of storage facilities nearby by entering your zip code in the search bar. The site creates a list based on proximity to your location. You can use the information to find small and large storage units. You can also search for storage units with climate control features. Climate control prevents you from storing stainless steel appliances and work tables in units with high humidity levels to prevent damage.

4. Apply for financing to cover your expenses.

You’ll need working capital to cover your renovation costs. You may be able to secure a loan or line of credit from a traditional lender, such as a bank or credit union. You can also apply for small business loans to cover the costs of hiring an interior designer and contractors to complete the renovations.

You may opt to apply for restaurant equipment financing from your equipment supplier. Whether you’re shopping for new stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, or food prep tables, you may be able to secure the equipment you need from a reputable restaurant equipment supplier who also offers equipment purchase financing. You may opt to lease to own your new equipment. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, you can explore direct financing options enabling you to purchase the restaurant equipment you need.

5. Create a reopening plan.

Work with marketing experts to create a reopening strategy once renovations are complete. You want to ensure you give customers a reason to come back and check out your redesigned space. Encourage people to sign up for your newsletter before you close for renovations, and use the newsletter to update them on your reopening schedule. You can have a contest enabling customers to nominate design elements, such as paint colors or wall hangings, and offer prizes to those whose suggestions were chosen. You can also offer new menu items to celebrate your reopening and attract customers.

Restaurant owners can ensure their restaurant renovation goes smoothly by hiring an interior designer to create a design plan and oversee the renovations. Seeking input from employees and customers will also help you prioritize tasks while developing a renovation plan. Once you secure financing, you’ll be ready to start the renovation process, and a marketing team can help you develop an effective reopening strategy.

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