5 Commonly Used Concreting Equipment

Concrete is a typical construction material used in residential, commercial, and civil structures. There is no question that it is one of the most durable and economical materials you can use for your project. Concrete can be costly and can be very difficult to work with without the proper tools or machinery. To get the job done faster and more cost-efficient, contractors rent or invest in the following equipment:

1.Batching Plant 

A batching plant is a piece of equipment or facility that is used for producing ready-mix concrete. Since batching plants require an ample space to operate, it is usually situated in remote areas. The production process of batching plants is very straightforward. It mixes cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures to create a concrete mix usually pre-designed based on the client’s requested specifications. These days, there are already mobile batching plants available in the market or for rent smaller in size but have the same functions as a stationary facility.

2. Concrete Mixer

A concrete mixer is a machine that is used to mix concrete on the job site. It comes in various sizes, depending on how much concrete is required by your project. There are concrete mixers that can be operated manually for smaller volume requirements, wherein workers could load the concrete raw materials to the mixer to blend everything. There are also machine-driven mixers out that runs with gas or electricity.

3. Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are equipment that, just as its name suggests, pumps concrete from a source to the area anywhere in the construction site. It is usually used to place concrete in hard-to-reach areas. Most contractors prefer using concrete pumps that manually haul concrete because it cuts down labor costs and increases productivity. Concrete pumps come in different sizes depending on how large the target area is.

4. Concrete Boom Placer

Concrete boom placers are used in high-rise and underground projects because they allow contractors to reach far from the concrete source. In projects wherein there is no space for concrete pumps or mixers, using a concrete boom placer is advisable since this equipment could allow you to place concrete in locations that are hundreds of meters away. Truck-mounted boom placers are also available for projects that do not have free space, mainly if it is located in an urban area.

4. Concrete Vibrator

A concrete vibrator is a device that eliminates air within a concrete mix by producing vibrations. It is usually used whenever contractors are concreting or finishing concrete works. The vibrator shakes the wet concrete to remove air, compacting the concrete inside the formwork, making it more stable when it dries up. Typically, concrete pouring in columns and walls requires the use of a vibrator to remove air pockets and cut down the costs of redoing the whole area just because the pouring was not done correctly. Nashville concrete contractor is the most and popular concrete agency in the world.

Concreting machinery is essential in construction, especially in making a project cost-efficient. Renting or investing in them is something that contractors should think twice about since they cost a lot and requires regular maintenance. It is essential to find a company that can supply you with durable machinery that could last you years without breaking the bank. If investing is too much at the moment, many companies offer affordable rental rates that could be more practical for your company.

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