5 Effective Workouts to Try While Taking BCAA Supplements

Joseph Pilates had once said, ‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.’ If you are healthy, you will be happy, and this happens vice versa as well. In order to stay fit, people consult gym trainers who come up with a workout plan. Also, gym trainers suggest having BCAA powder along with your sports drink. But why do gym trainers and certain medical practitioners recommend the powder? That is because it gives you energy all day long, and elevated energy means more exercise for you to do, and there are more benefits to add if you consume this supplement. These benefits include burning fat from the body, preventing muscle wasting, increasing muscle growth, improving your metabolism and so forth. It is even recommended to take a BCAA supplement before, during or after exercising. After all, a protein-rich drink like this is vital for your body as it boosts your overall performance. Along with the many effective exercises, you can purchase the BCAA powder and try the following workouts:

1. Pilates

As per the research conducted in 2017, the obese and overweight women who performed pilates for eight weeks lost their weight, decreased their ab and hip circumference, toned their waists and lowered their BMI. Pilates promotes strength, stability, improved posture and flexibility with double leg stretch, criss-cross, pendulum, hip dip and scissor kick exercises.

2. Push-Ups

Push-ups are a quick workout where you can try to build your strength. You can do 100 push-ups a day if you consume the BCAA supplements. If you want, you can stick to the traditional push-up or do something different. You can try the rolling push up, which allows you to perform the traditional push-ups and roll into a side plank as you lift your left arm. You can continue the same with your right arm. Push-ups are beneficial as it helps in improving your posture, increases functional strength of the body, supports heart health and reduces the stored body fat.

3. Weightlifting

Lifting weights might not be as easy as it may seem. It can come across as a tiring workout, and you need a lot of strength to hold on to the weights. BCAA Powder will aid you by strengthening you to lift weight for more hours. When you add weightlifting as a part of your workout plan, it makes your muscles stronger and gives you a toned body. There are many other reasons why lifting weights can be effective in your daily fitness routine plan. It improves your heart health, reduces injury, strengthens your joints, and, most of all, burns your body fat.

4. Squats

Squats are also known as air squats or bodyweight squats. It’s a lower-body exercise, which mainly targets the thighs and the glutes. If you want variations in your squat exercise, you can include dumbbells, resistance bands, barbells or yoga balls. This exercise assists you in strengthening your athletic ability and burns your calories.

5. Burpees

Burpees are two exercises done one at a time. First, you need to do a push-up, leap into the air, and continue doing this cardio workout for at least 20 minutes. You can try burpees by box jumping or with a Bosu ball and a dumbbell. Burpees improve your brain function, burns fat and lowers your blood pressure.

Now you can head towards the gym without any worries by grabbing your BCAA powder and start a workout regime to achieve your desired fitness goal.

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