5 Food and Drinking Habits that Conforms a Texan

Texas Cuisine is a mixture of ingredients and customs

“GONE TO TEXAS” – if you have ever used this phrase, or can relate to it, then you are a Texan. The Lone Star State, the second-largest in the US by both area and population, is known for its BBQ, Western swing, and blistering heat. But, with people coming from across the world, either to stay, work and travel, it will eventually get hard to distinguish a legit Texan. 

So, how are you going to determine and pick a bonafide Texan to date? Covet shady parking spots or not willing to go on vacation are old school measures. Let the food on the plate do all the talking. Ask a person about their favorite food, if the answer is BBQ, Bingo! You are with a native Texan. Let’s talk about 5 food and drinking choices that are iconic to every Texas resident.

Telltale food sings of a Texan


Got tortillas in their house? You just met a genuine Texan. Made of cornmeal or wheat flour bread layers and with a hot topping, Tortillas are treated as a low-fat platter and safe for gluten intolerants. And, if you are a Texas Tech fan, you cannot ignore the “tortilla throwing” tradition.

BBQ with/without sauce

BBQ began as a poor man’s food, which has now earned the reputation of being Texas BBQ. When you order this mouthwatering Texas cuisine, you are served hot grilled smoked meat — along with a well-seasoned mixture of traditional Texas barbecue sauce, usually made of tomato, onions, spices, garlic celery, and Texan hospitality. You get two choices – West Texas-style and South Texas-style. 

Love for Steak

Beef brisket, pork ribs, sausage are the common dishes in every food menu in Texas. But, you can also ask the diners to serve you a chicken fried steak. This is a staple food in Texas, and you can consume this delicacy along with mashed potatoes and cream gravy. Moreover, you cannot miss The Big Texan Steak Ranch, the world-famous free 72oz steak challenge.

Shiner Bock

Step forward and sip the Texas beer. From the oldest independent brewery house in Texas, Spoeoftzl Brewery adds a delightful flavor of roasted barley malt and German hops. Pair your sweet-salty dish with Shiner Bock and jazz up the conversation about the humorous history of Texas beers.

Blue Bell ice cream

Do you have a sweet tooth? The next pick is the local favorite, Blue Bell, which ranks as one of the best-selling ice creams in the country. They claim to serve homemade vanilla, which every genuine Texan falls for. So, grab a bite before they fly off the grocery store freezers.

Ask a Texan about their childhood memories -Tex-Mex, Chips and Salsa, and Corn dogs would definitely take them back in the memory lane. Texans are not only known for their love for football, but also the Texas cuisine that includes a devouring list of spices and everything nice. So, instead of asking a person ‘Where are you from?’ and offending them, get to know more about them over a platter of fall-off-the-bone beef.

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