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5 Practical Tips for Buying the Best Engagement Ring for Your  

An engagement ring is an undying symbol of love and commitment. Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a more pragmatic type of person, choosing the perfect ring is never an easy task.

Aside from trusting your gut feeling, it would be best to consider the practical side of things. Since engagement rings don’t come cheap, it’s essential to plan to ensure that you invest in something meaningful that will last forever.

To ease off the pressure in buying an engagement ring for your soon-to-be-bride, here are some practical tips you can follow:

1 – Prepare your budget

If you are unaware of the market prices for engagement rings, then you are in for a surprise. The price range is usually higher than what you expect. However, you can always find cheap deals if you search well enough.

Talk to your married friends who might know an affordable jeweler or shops that offer rings at lower prices. You shouldn’t have to empty your bank account just for an engagement ring. The most important thing is to spend what you can.

2 – Consider your fiancé’s lifestyle

Your partner will wear the engagement ring for all her life, and chances are, she will have it on while performing daily tasks. Because of this, you should consider purchasing a ring that will suit her work and lifestyle.

If she has a more hands-on job like gardening or landscaping, you might want to go for a more simple ring without an elevated diamond design. It would be best to consider this ring type when your fiancé has an active lifestyle and engages in sports.

3 – Match the ring to her style

Even for something so small, a ring can speak volumes. Since your partner will be wearing it almost every day, it’s only practical and thoughtful to match the engagement ring to her style. You know that lab created diamond engagement rings .

It’s worth looking into her wardrobe and finding out what type of fabric she often wears and her favorite colors and patterns. It also helps if she has existing jewelry to tell you whether she likes wearing statement pieces or prefers subtle designs.

4 – Make sure that you have the correct ring size

While this seems like a minor consideration, it’s one of the most important ones. If you give a ring that is too small or too big for her size, then it would be a huge hassle to bring it back to the jeweler to be resized. It would also be a massive blow during the actual proposal.

To avoid this scenario, you need to find a way to know her exact ring size without spoiling the surprise. You can try borrowing a ring she already has and take a quick measurement using a ring-sizing tool.

If she doesn’t wear rings, you can try measuring her left finger while she is fast asleep. To do this, you only need a piece of string that you can wrap around her finger and measure using a ruler afterward.

5 – Choose a jeweler that offers a ring warranty

An engagement ring is a valuable possession prone to be lost, stolen, or damaged. It’s best to choose a jewelry shop that offers a warranty that covers the replacement of engagement rings depending on their conditions.

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