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5 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When You Use a Trampoline!

There will never be a time when a trampoline doesn’t induce feelings of sheer excitement and thrill. Whether a young, enthusiastic child or a quiet, exhausted adult, trampoline brings similar joy to all.

As exhilarating as it is, jumping on the trampoline can sometimes lead to injuries if you aren’t careful enough.

If you have a kid at the house, getting a quality trampoline from brands like Lifespan Kids is not enough. Here are some things that you must be cautious about:

1. Never Install a Trampoline Around Any Structure

Any trampoline’s safety perimeter requires installing the jumping equipment 3 meters away from any obstruction. It can pose a threat if it’s around any fences, trees, walls or poles.

Imagine your kid jumps too high and subsequently falls off the trampoline. It will lead to injuries, sure, but if there is any furniture or tree around, it may amplify the injury 10x.

So, choosing a safe, obstruction-free environment is a first!

2. Check the Springs Twice!

What makes trampoline so fun? It’s the springs and the mat combined that ensures that there is enough elasticity and tension that allows individuals to bounce every time they jump on it.

The springs need to be tight for the bouncy nature of the trampoline to be excellent.

So, before you kids hop on it, double-check all the springs to see if they are all in the requisite position. These springs should be safely attached on all sides. If not, it could cause grave injuries.

If you have had a trampoline for a while, check that the springs are not rusted or worn out. If so, you need to get a suitable quality replacement!

3. Cover the Hooks

The momentum while jumping or bouncing on the trampoline makes it hard to stop oneself from going haywire.

Your child might accidentally land on the springs, steel frame, or hook. So, covering it with an appropriate safety pad is a must. You can get one from brands like Lifespan Kids!

When buying a safety pad, ensure it covers all the springs and hooks. Also, choose a pad that has a contrasting colour to that of the mat and frame.

4. No Sharp Objects in the Pocket

Jumping on the trampoline may land you in funny and weird positions sometimes. It’d be prudent to remove all kinds of jewellery you or your child are wearing.

There should be no sharp objects in the pocket. Even a hat is a no-no because it might fly off your head.

5. No Somersaults

Some excited kids want to show off their moves on the trampoline, such as somersaults. Instruct your child not to do such things because it can threaten their well-being.

Somersaults on a trampoline can easily injure the neck and head, which is one of the most severe injuries on a trampoline. It can also lead to fractures or sprains to the elbow, wrist, collarbone or forearm.

If your kids are eager to learn some trampoline tricks and skills, enrol them in a local trampolining class. They teach the kids all the basic and advanced moves like somersaults.

Once trained, they can do it on the backyard trampoline all they want. Not before that!

Australia records around 3000-cases of injuries related to trampolines every single year. The risk of getting hurt while having fun bouncing on outdoor playground equipment is too real.

It’s essential to ensure and practice utmost safety while on the trampoline, so keep the abovementioned tips in mind!

Happy trampolining!

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