5 Steps To Find The Perfect Dual Foam Mattress

Sleep is an essential part of a human’s life as lack of it increases obesity, depression, heart problems and diabetes. Loss of sleep may be due to various reasons like stress, anxiety, afternoon naps, sleep disorders, etc. But the most crucial cause is the condition or quality of one’s mattress. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a Wakefit mattress for quality sleep. If a person owns an old mattress that is causing sleep trouble, then he/she should replace them with a more relaxed one to sleep better. Mattress quality is one of the essential things that make a person sleep well at night. In recent times a dual foam mattress has gained more popularity with unique features. They are comparatively expensive as they work on both sides and offer many benefits.

What to Expect from a Dual Foam Mattress? 

As its name suggests, a dual foam mattress has two usable sides, and this unique feature also offers different firmness levels on both sides. This makes them suitable for individuals with a distinct preference who use the same bed and are simply the best in any commercial market. The two-side feature makes it ideal for all partners with different sleeping habits to use one single mattress without any hassle. One side is soft to medium, whereas the other side is medium to hard in firmness. The dual foam mattress is made of various materials like latex, spring and memory foam that provides the best comfort and support. The top cover of the bed is made of the most breathable fabric to increase air circulation, which makes them more versatile. And most important, it is not necessary that all the dual foam mattresses are expensive. Many brands create reasonably priced ones that fit into the budget and needs of a person. Price will always be a consideration for a buyer, and when it is feasible, it becomes the best investment to promote better sleep with increased health benefits.

Advantages of Dual Foam Mattress

A dual foam mattress is the best, one can purchase and invest in regarding all the comfort it offers. The other benefits that a dual foam mattress provides are stated below. They are:

  • These mattresses have innovative designs with many significant sized foam cells. This offers better airflow and also keep it cool. A dual foam mattress controls temperature throughout the night, and especially in India, it is of significant use as summers are too hot to handle. The mattress is constructed with breathable materials to combat the developing heat and enhance a good night sleep for the user.
  • It is flexible with double sides, with one being hard and the other being soft. This is the most important advantage of using these sets mattresses as they have two sides, which fulfils the cost factor of achieving two firmness in a single bed.
  • A dual foam mattress is durable with good service for many years. Always the bed that lasts for many years is the best buy owing to the value for money. This prevents the chance to replace the mattress within short intervals, thereby giving savings for the pockets.
  • It is helpful for all seasons. The softer surface is recommended for summers and the harder ones for the winters. This makes a dual foam mattress offer multiple usage access at various points of time.
  • Comfort is the next significant factor of a dual foam mattress, and it is worth all the extra money one pays. It has the right balance between both soft and hard surfaces and offers the proper comfort. The density of the materials can be customized in certain brands as per the client’s convenience to provide the best result for him/her.
  • A dual foam mattress is the best for people tossing from one side to another during their sleep. They are toss proof, which happens because the memory foam can absorb a lot of energy from all the movements. This feature of the mattress aids in sleeping with another person in the same bed. It also helps from moving from one side to another as it does not impact the other person.

Health Benefits of Dual Foam Mattress

  • Uniform pressure

A dual foam mattress is made of high-density materials that offer equal pressure distribution throughout the bed on both sides. This creates less motion to be transferred and provides a sound sleep without creating a need to switch to the other side. The structural integrity of the side that a person uses allows two people who share the same bed to feel comfortable. Thus, this uniform pressure is the best health benefit it can offer regarding depriving the user of all sleep-related problems.

  • Alignment of the Spine

A dual foam mattress offers better support to the spine as there are layers on either side of the bed that helps to align with the spine. Irrespective of the side, it offers maximum support to the lumbar region and the spine, and the difference in the firmness on either side also provides full support to all the pressure points in a person’s body. Furthermore, the core of a dual foam mattress acts along with the layers on both sides to prevent body contours. This again gives the best alignment to the spine. The firmer side of a dual foam mattress takes a natural S shape with the body and allows the spine to gain a higher level of support. The soft side will let the shoulder and spine fall in line again, providing maximum support to the body. Therefore, this makes it ideal for people with back problems and is a perfect old couple with spine problems. A couple can use this even if one person has a spine problem, and both can share the bed to prevent discomfort for the other.

A dual foam mattress is the best option for various purposes and is the talk of the town. Dual foam mattresses can be customized as per a customer’s requirement, which helps one enjoy many benefits. Furthermore, a dual comfort mattress is versatile, with numerous innovations making it a two in one bed with double features in a single piece. Hence it is a worthwhile investment for any user regarding the longevity it offers and all other health benefits and advantages. Ecoy bamboo bed sheets are very comfortable for sleeping

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