5 Ways Businesses Can Deliver Excellent Customer Service Through Social Media

Social media may be a great place to interact with your loved ones and have fun, but it is also a fantastic avenue for customer interaction. Great customer service is important to any brand’s marketing efforts, and there are a handful of ways to keep your customers happy using social media.

Here, we will look at six main ways businesses can offer excellent customer service through social networks. We will also introduce you to the tools that can make customer service delivery easy on your team.

Why Customer Service Is Important To Businesses 

According to a recent study, 50% of your customers will switch to a competitor after one bad customer experience. If it goes beyond one negative experience, the percentage goes as high as 80! 

Without the appropriate strategies, you’ll be leaving many customers unhappy, and your brand image will suffer in the long run.

The interactive nature of social media makes it a great place to improve customer service delivery. 

Here are some strategic ways you can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to deliver excellent customer service:

Automate Your Frequently Asked Questions With A Facebook Chatbot

Social media automation can get you ahead in a lot of ways. Automation is the use of third-party tools and software to manage your account, execute tasks, and interact with customers without human involvement. 

There are many tools that can save time and help you respond to questions quicker. One of such is a Facebook chatbot. You can use a Facebook Messenger chatbot to automate the answers to your FAQs. Consider hiring a chatbot agency if you want to get things done more professionally.

A chatbot can also ensure your customers get an interactive response before guiding them to your customer service team if needed.

Chatbots like Zebrabuzz are intelligent. This smart Facebook chatbot has advanced keyword recognition that can provide the right answer or answers to questions asked. What’s more? You don’t have to be online. Customers can get answers to their questions whenever they chat with the bot, just as they would to a human agent.

Be Available and Responsive

The nature of social media is such that messages can be sent back and forth in an instant. Customers expect the same when interacting with businesses, and quite frankly, they don’t care if you have a ton of messages to respond to.

Customers want you to give their complaints or questions the utmost attention. When you deliver an inadequate response, it will reflect poorly on your business. 

This is why it is important to have a dedicated customer service team that is always available. In cases where the team cannot respond, an intelligent chatbot will suffice. 

Automate Comment Replies

Another way to keep customers happy with excellent customer service is through comment automation. Whichever social media platform you use, responding to your customers’ comments is a great way to increase engagements and maintain a good branding strategy relationship with them.

For Instagram, you can automate comment replies using a smart tool like IGSUMO. This Instagram automation tool allows you to create keyword-based replies known as Filtered replies. This feature can understand keywords in comments and provide the right response.

Engaging your customers’ comments goes a long way in making them feel heard, appreciated, and a part of your brand. Other features of the IGSUMO tool that helps you automate the comment section of your Instagram account include:

  1. Deleting or hiding negative or abusive comments immediately
  2. Auto mention feature that mentions users’ first or last name in replies to personalize responses.
  3. Auto tag to automatically tag users by their username in responses.
  4. Auto comments to comment automatically under pages.
  5. Auto DM to quickly respond to certain comments via Instagram direct messages. 

Gather Customer Insights

Part of providing excellent customer service through social media is gathering information from customers to gain insight into your brand’s services.

Ensure you regularly ask your customers to take short surveys that help you know how best to serve them better. 

You can build a web form in minutes with Zebrabuzz. Like the chatbot feature, it can also help you create highly interactive forms to take customer information.

Use Hashtags To Know What Customers Are Saying

Implementing hashtags help you to keep track of what your customers are saying. Using niche hashtags such as branded hashtags help people search for whatever is bothering them faster.

You can use these hashtags to find the problems your customers are facing and offer solutions. This will help you cut the number of angry customers in your DM or, worse, outbursts on the timeline.

The Round-Up

You will notice that automation is crucial in what can help your business deliver excellent customer service. With the increasing competition on social media and the need to provide better services, automating your customer service will help you improve customer satisfaction and cut costs. It is a win-win situation for you! The two unique tools for Facebook and Instagram mentioned here, Zebrabuzz and IGSUMO, are available for free.

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