5 Ways Cannabis Positively Affects Your Athletic Performance

Old stereotypes about the marijuana plant continue to fall by the wayside with cannabis legislation relaxing in countries across the world and more consumers than ever before learning to grow and integrate weed into their daily routines. For athletes or the fitness-minded looking for ways to relax before or after a workout, there are a slew of cannabis products available that offer a great alternative to more addictive substances.

As more research results become known about the cannabis plant, we’ve learned the health benefits extend into exercise. In fact, fitness gurus around the world are recommending it pre-and post-workout sessions.

So how can a plant that was once a Schedule I narcotic be used by you to take your fitness to the next level? These five scientific reasons will show you how you can use cannabis to positively affect your athletic routine.

1. Cannabis Lowers Your Anxiety

For a lot of athletes, it’s not the workout that stands in their way. It’s the anxiety of doing the work and taking it to the next rep as they go.

By taking a product with CBD in it before your workout, you can focus better on what you’re doing. Instead of worrying about how your body is going to keep moving, you just do it.

Suddenly, you’re at the end of your routine, and you’ve done more reps and used higher weights than ever before. Your anxiety no longer stands in your way of success.

2. Cannabis Can Lower Your Discomfort

Many research studies have linked CBD with lowered pain and discomfort levels. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the swelling that inflames nerves. This is often what causes you to feel uncomfortable when you’re working out.

Most of the time, when you tap out during your workout, it’s because of pain. Occasional discomfort due to exercising is normal. If your pain is preventing your ability to exercise, though, you may need a prescription-dose form of cannabis. To see if you’re eligible for a medical marijuana card, read this article from Veriheal.

If you add CBD to your routine, either topically, in capsules, a gummy, or oil, you’ll need to wait an hour or two before the effects kick in. But there are some sublingual tinctures that give you noticeable effects within half an hour.

3. Cannabis Aids in Muscle Recovery

Post-workout pain is a real thing. As your muscles try to recover from the strain you put them through, you’ll feel every bit of the process.

CBD can reduce the time and energy it takes your body to heal your muscles after exercising. The soreness you feel is stress on your joints and muscles from inflammation, and CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.

Using CBD products after your workout can speed up the healing and recovery of your muscles. But using them before the workout can prevent muscle soreness entirely!

4. You Sleep Better With Cannabis

Drowsy workouts are not usually productive. Still, tens of millions of Americans fight insomnia on a regular basis. If you have to get up and hit the gym or play in a sporting event after a rough night tossing and turning, you aren’t going to be at your best.

CBD products can treat insomnia and improve the quality of sleep that you do get, even if it’s limited.

Sleep is critical for optimal focus and functioning when you’re awake. It’s also the time that your muscles are recovering, and the next day’s energy is being created. Cannabis is a healthy way to sleep better and boost your fitness performance.

5. Muscle Spasms Can Disappear With Cannabis Use

Cannabis products are currently used to treat muscle spasms in people with diseases where this symptom is a major problem. Parkinson’s Disease and multiple sclerosis are two of the main ones.

But if you’re an athlete suffering from muscle spasms, cannabis products could help you, too. The medicinal properties of the CBD compound found in cannabis may help reduce your muscle spasms.

Without spasms interfering with your performance, you can be more effective and push yourself further than ever before.


The lazy, couch potato stereotype of cannabis is quickly disappearing as more people learn the benefits of this compound. In the fitness world, cannabis through CBD products is becoming as popular as protein shakes!

Can CBD help you take your fitness workout to the next level? Give it a try and see if you notice any or all of these five changes to your routine.

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