5 Ways To Remodelers Your Kitchen


There’s a reason it’s called the heart of the home… a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. It’s a place where loved ones come together and make memories! We cook, we eat, we clean, we laugh, and we love in the kitchen. So, it’s important to get the foundation right and make sure you have a kitchen that suits you and your family’s needs. Not to mention, the way you design a kitchen can also work to transform the atmosphere of your house altogether.

When you start thinking, you might start wondering how to remodel your kitchen, and here are the 5 best Kitchen Remodeling Ways that I have summarized below:

1. Start demolition

The demolition stage consists of tearing things down and getting everything out of the kitchen. If you’re considering hiring a contractor anywhere in the process, demolition is a good stage to do so. If you attempt this step on your own, it’s possible to make a mistake and create future problems with the foundation.

Your kitchen may still have some good parts to it such as kitchen cabinets or appliances. Instead of throwing them away, consider donating or reselling.

Donating the existing parts of your kitchen can be a better option for you if you’re looking to get rid of everything fast. However, if you chose to resell, you can put that money towards your fund for remodeling.

TIP: If you chose not to hire a contractor, make sure you turn off the water in the house before starting the demolition. Failure to do so may cause pipes to explode or create an unwarranted leak.

2. Replace outdated plumbing and electrical

After demolition, you’ll need to replace outdated plumbing and electrical needs. This step may take you around three to five days to complete. Replacement should only begin after you install the new plumbing fixtures and appliances. Treat this step as more of an inspection to see if anything will cause future problems. The last thing you’ll need is a plumbing issue once your kitchen is fully remodeled.

TIP: It may help to hire a professional Kitchen Remodelers Louisville KY for a plumbing and electrical inspection. If you aren’t very familiar with what to look for in an inspection, you may miss things that need fixing.

3. Put up drywall and paint

The next step in the process is installing and painting drywall. This is where the design aspect of your kitchen remodel comes into play. Finalizing drywall can take anywhere from one to two weeks. Unlike the previous steps, drywall is easy enough to learn how to install on your own, so you’re able to save money by not hiring a contractor.

Once the drywall is installed, have fun picking what color paint to use. The design and color of the walls can set the tone for the theme of your kitchen.

Traditionally speaking, people tend to favor neutral colors when painting their walls. Neutral colors help maintain a cohesive look, regardless of if you change other things such as cabinets and appliances later on.

TIP: If you are one to switch things up often, consider using wallpaper instead of paint. Replacing wallpaper is much easier than repainting your kitchen.

4. Install new flooring

Next, it’s time to install the new flooring in your kitchen. Flooring can take anywhere from one to two weeks to complete. Play around with different styles and pick one that’s best suited for your kitchen. Some examples of flooring designs include laminate, tile, and hardwood. When deciding, keep in mind who will use the kitchen and how it’ll be used for the most practical option.

Some people prefer to wait until the end of the process to install flooring —they may feel worried the next steps in construction will scratch the surface.

However, the downside to installing flooring last is that it won’t continue under your cabinets and appliances. Flooring that extends under these items can actually add to the reselling value of your home.

TIP: Pick a style of flooring that is best suited to you and your family’s needs. If you have young kids, ceramic flooring can facilitate an easier clean up for the messes they make.

5. Put in plumbing fixtures

Once cabinets are in, it’s time to install new plumbing fixtures. This can take about one to five days to complete. The main plumbing fixture you’ll need is a sink. You have many options to choose from when deciding what type of sink to install. Consider the theme of their kitchen, as well as what the kitchen will be used for when choosing. While this stage may not seem very fun, sink design can play a big role in the aesthetics of your kitchen.

TIP: If you find yourself in the kitchen more often than not, consider implementing a kitchen island sink. This will give you more space to cook, therefore facilitating a more orderly kitchen flow.

While the process of remodeling can feel very lengthy and overwhelming, it’ll pay off once the final product is complete. As we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen, it’s important we feel happy and comfortable while cooking there. The way you design your kitchen is completely up to your own personal preference and budget. There is never only one right way to go about it.

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