5G Testing with 5G Network Testing Equipment and tools, 5G Speed Tests Tools & RF Drive test tools are not the cause for the second wave of COVID-19

Countries across the world continue to battle the second wave of the coronavirus, there are questions/Theories raised on what triggered the second wave of the virus. A case in highlight is a Viral Phenomenon that is being widely shared on social media claiming that the testing of 5G towers testing with 5G Network Testing Equipment and tools, 5G Speed Tests Tools & RF Drive test tools has caused the second wave of COVID-19 in India. Let’s find out how genuine these claims are.

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Radio waves can’t create a deadly virus, which is what reason for COVID-19. There is no solid evidence that the Corona Virus spreads aerially let alone through 5G towers, these claims had a series of backlashes from governments across the globe and were dismissed as unnecessary chaos without any legitimate proof.

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But that hasn’t stopped threats against broadband engineers across the world and we witnessed a series of attacks for example the attacks against UK phone towers, prompting UK carriers to request people to stop burning the cell towers and the UK’s national medical director to call out the 5G network conspiracy theory as “complete and utter rubbish.”

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This grew to an extent where anti 5G Facebook and YouTube groups started posting videos of false claims on how 5G was causing the outbreak, Platforms like YouTube and Twitter finally had to announce that it would put a ban on Hoax videos giving out false information and causing distress on the already troubled mindset of people.

In the case of 5G it was not only the public and social media but also countries like Russia were weighing in on the act as they have condemned 5G in the past including the above allegation. There is a Geopolitical war that is going around 5G as whoever controls this technology holds the key to a faster development and economical welfare and sources have confirmed that the Kremlin does not have a great 5G technology, so they try to condemn the other nations where it thrives. Not just the Russians, even the Chinese Govt had friction with the US and are forming what is said to be an allied approach with the Russian Govt to form a 5G political Bloc in the major race for technology. These are clear indications that these kinds of rumors are extremely hard to differentiate from the truth as they are backed up and given approvals by the Government of various countries.

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Misinformation is a bigger problem to society than Covid as it puts them under constant misbelief, fear and psychological trauma. We as a society need to understand that social media sources are not reliable sources of information and until there is legitimate proof. These platforms have given each one of us the power to information as well as misinformation so more than ever it is necessary now to learn how to distinguish between the same.

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