6 Budget Friendly Things You Can Do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an excellent place for tourists and local visitors. It features a wide range of excellent landmarks and attractions for which people travel thousands of miles to see. Planning a trip to Abu Dhabi does not have to be as costly as most people assume. There are numerous budget-friendly things to do in this city in UAE. Some of them are: 

Go on a cultural tour of the city

One of the best things you can do in Abu Dhabi at a budget-friendly cost is on a cultural tour. A cultural tour is primarily aimed at exploring the cultural phenomena of the city. There is a wide range of tour companies offering cultural tours of Dubai at affordable costs. The best thing about taking these tours is that you get to enjoy the best of Abu Dhabi’s culture without spending too much money. When choosing the best cultural tour, you ought to consider the cost, cancellation policies, and tour elements.

Go on a historical and heritage tour of the city

Like the cultural tour, you can also go on a historical and heritage tour of Abu Dhabi. This tour aims at historical and heritage sites in Abu Dhabi. This means that you get to witness some of the best historical and heritage landmarks in the city. Also, like the cultural tour, there are several companies likes ABC tour companies that offer these tours. For about 50 dollars, you get to visit the most well-known historical and heritage sites in Abu Dhabi at the comfort of a tour bus and free cancellation.

Experience the various cuisines in Abu Dhabi

One of the best things about Abu Dhabi is that it is a melting point of cuisines from across the globe. This is mainly because the people living in Abu Dhabi come from different parts of the world. Therefore, there is something for everyone. The city also hosts a wide range of budget-friendly restaurants and street food stalls where you can enjoy some of these foods without digging too deep into your pocket.

Enjoy the Abu Dhabi party scene

You can also party in Abu Dhabi at a meager cost. The area around the city is packed with luxury hotels, plush bars, and big-name restaurants. This means that the competition is very fierce. Therefore, most of these facilities offer low prices as a way of attracting more clients. Therefore, if you are on a low-budget trip to Abu Dhabi, the night scene is a great place to have fun. Note that you can also lookout for great deals like special nights when drinks are discounted. For instance, during ladies’ nights, ladies get up to two drinks for free.

Visit the beaches

Abu Dhabi is adored because of its surplus of beaches. The beaches in Abu Dhabi are known for their pristine white sands. You can enjoy a day at the beaches at no cost. While at the beach, you can enjoy excellent views of the city. A trip to Abu Dhabi would not be complete without spending an afternoon at the beach.

Enjoy budget-friendly shopping

Abu Dhabi is one of the best locations in the world for shopping. From major brand stores to regular stores, there are numerous options for places to shop. You can get some of the best clothing, perfumes, shoes, electronics, and a wide variety of items from stores in Abu Dhabi. Some of these stores accept a coupon code.


Note that you can also embark on online shopping from some of the top stores in Abu Dhabi. The great thing about online shopping is that you can take advantage of great deals like online coupons and voucher codes. With a coupon code, you can make purchases at a low price.

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