6 Questions To Ask Your Truck Accident Lawyer


If you face a truck accident, you may have serious injuries, huge medical bills, and also an extended period of time away from work. And with all these things, there are several questions that come to your mind. Like,

  • What will you do about your property damages?
  • While your treatments are going on, who is going to cover you at work? 

These are just two things from the long list. But a San Francisco truck accident attorney can luckily help you to cover all these things and guide you through everything. But how will you know that you are selecting the right truck accident lawyer?

So, here I am to guide you with that. 

6 Questions To Ask Your Truck Accident Lawyer

Here are the 6 questions that you should ask your truck accident lawyer before you hire someone. The answers will help you to choose the right person. 

  • Do You Have Experience In Handling Auto Accidents?

The whole space of law is a really broadway. Every lawyer with a degree is allowed to handle any type of case. Will you ever want a divorce lawyer to handle your truck accident cases? 

Definitely no, so make sure that you have entered the right office. Ask the person about his or her past experiences of handling other truck accident cases so that you can judge whether he is the one or not. 

  • Are You Experienced In Facing Corporate Legal terms?

Always remember a truck accident is not a regular car accident. When you meet a normal accident, you are against another person who owns the car. Or in bigger terms against the insurance company. 

But here you are against the large corporations that are ready with their top-notch lawyers. So, make sure whether the person you are putting your money in is capable enough of handling the case and pressure at the same time. 

  • How Do You Evaluate The Damages?

One of the vitals of making a strong case of a truck accident is evaluating the damages. Ask the lawyer you are meeting about his or her approach to this. You should go for someone who is particular and also on top of the process. 

This damage assessment usually starts with the damages of your vehicles and also includes your medical expenses as well. And that medical expenses can be anything from a standard visit to the hospital or doctor to life-altering medical conditions, such as paralysis, or amputation, or death of a loved one. 

  • Will You Also Handle The Claims Related To Insurance Company?

There are some truck accident attorneys who will wait to hear back from insurance companies. They will also look over the claims that those third parties have made on their own. Others will want you to handle those things and pass the information to the firm. 

And then there are some lawyers who will handle everything on behalf of you. This is what you need just after a truck accident. When everything is handled through papers, there will be less worry. 

  • What Type Of Damages Can I Recover?

Generally, your damages are the moral damages that you are experiencing due to the truck accident. And this includes the damages to your car, your medical expenses, and long pays from work. 

How can you forget about the emotional trauma that you are going through? Your lawyer will sum up everything and give you an approximate value of your case. So, at the very first, ask about the damages that you can recover. 

  • Can You Represent Me In Court? 

There is no doubt that you are hiring a lawyer to get an out-of-court settlement. But sometimes, the companies refuse to offer fair compensation to the crash victims. And in that case, you will have no option but to take your claims to court. 

So, that time opting for another lawyer will also cost more and your time and energy both. So, ask your lawyer whether he or she will be able to represent you in the courthouse or not. 


Now you know all the things that you should consider while hiring an attorney for your truck accident. These questions not only help you to judge the person’s ability but also help you determine whether he or she is the perfect match for your case or not. 

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