6 Reasons Why OTT Became a Top Entertainment Source

Demand for entertainment has always existed, but now it has soared due to the widespread use of the internet. One other significant factor that has fuelled it is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consequently, OTT came to the rescue to meet all the entertainment demands of people across the globe. In India, OTT became an important medium for people to have diverse global content at their fingertips.

Tata Sky introduced OTT services two years ago to cater to the OTT cravings of its consumers. Now, with its rebranding to Tata Play, it wants to solidify its OTT services and make them as popular as its DTH services.

Let’s understand the rebranding and why OTT is the best entertainment medium in contemporary times.

A Quick Look at Tata Play’s Rebranding

Tata Play’s rebranding primarily focuses on creating a seamless and connected world of entertainment. By merging the two best entertainment media – DTH and OTT, the company takes a futuristic step to make entertainment easily discoverable and accessible for the masses. By including Netflix in its array of OTT platforms, Tata Play brings top-quality content for consumers under its roof.

You can access the OTT apps through the several Binge Combo packs. Also, you can stream the OTT apps directly on your TV using Tata Play Binge+, a smart set top box or an Amazon Fire TV Stick – Tata Play Edition for SD, HD and +HD STBs.

Reasons Why OTT is the Best Entertainment Medium Today

1. Quality Content

OTT platforms serve a vast range of high-quality, highly diversified content. The freedom to watch anywhere anytime is a great option for millions of viewers looking for change and control. The shift in content consumption behaviour will disrupt existing content delivery platforms, forcing them to evolve or go extinct. In that case, Tata Play has grown immensely and is not showing any signs to stop.

2. Diverse Range of Genre

While television channels oscillate only between a few types of content, OTT platforms are known for providing content spreading across a wide range of genres and formats. From horror to thriller to romance to comedy to documentary and whatnot – you will find numerous shows in each genre. The different types of show formats, such as movies, web series, short films, etc., also make OTT a preferred choice of entertainment.

3. Multi-Streaming

The flexibility of OTT platforms makes for their USP. Users can stream their choice of content on different devices simultaneously with a single subscription. Also, they don’t need to adhere to any fixed timing as what happens with television and can watch their favourite shows any time of the day.

4. Regional Content

With OTT, regional content in India has got a well deserved boost. The Indian diversity of culture, language and ethnicity demand content that can serve specific people. So, OTT platforms offer regional content in various languages such as Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam and more. That way, people can relate to what they see in a much better way.

5. User Experience

Integration of technology has enhanced user experience in the OTT platforms. For instance, based on the types of content a user watches, his/her recommendation list gets updated to suggest more content related to the same genres. Also, you can resume your shows from the point you left off, which makes OTT platforms more user-friendly.

6. Ad-free Entertainment

Unlike television, OTT platforms offer ad-free entertainment to users. Frequent ads in the middle of a show prevent users from having a smooth and uninterrupted experience. OTT shows stream ad-free, making for seamless entertainment.

Wrapping Up

Tata Play’s combination of multiple OTT platforms in a single subscription is a brilliant way for users to enjoy the best of web content from a diverse range of genres. If you’re still not a Tata Play user, get your DTH connection now and see for yourself the exceptional quality of content Tata Play is offering.

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