7 best Hindi love podcasts for modern day romance!

Love Stories amaze us so much. Almost all of us love reading romantic novels, short stories, or watch movies that depict some amazing love stories. Hence, love stories have a genre of their own. Romantic love stories through their essence of beauty and simplicity, make us believe in love stories. The world has witnessed a lot of love stories. Love is not just a four-letter-word. The true essence of belongingness, honesty, care, and respect lies in it.  The world seems more beautiful when in Love. It is that pure feeling that sees no boundaries, age, and gender. Love creates a relationship of strong bonds and trust. In reality, falling in love is easy but the challenge is to kindle the fire of romance from time to time. Sadly, people fall prey to misunderstandings, insecurities, and what not! Relationship podcasts would be a great option for all those couples who are dealing with such related problems. Kuku FMbrings the best of the podcasts on relationships.

Here are the 7 best Hindi love podcasts for modern day romance!

  • Hai dil ka kya kasoor

“Hai dil ka kya kasoor” is written by Arpit Agarwal. The story revolves around two male and a female protagonist who hail from two of the greatest professions i.e. Law and Medicine in precise. Dr. Rahul met Dr. Shuchi when they first met and Dr. Rahul fell in love with Dr. Shuchi. Gradually, they develop mutual feelings for each other. Another character Siddhartha is portrayed as a good lawyer but falling short of empathy and humanity. However, he also falls in love with Dr. Shuchi. The connection between the two male characters is Shuchi. Shuchi tries to make a good human out of Siddhartha and a good doctor out of Dr. Rahul. As the story moves ahead, the story takes a turn and the lives of the three changes. The story takes us through the horrific incidents that we ever witnessed in the history i.e. Mumbai attacks. The author takes you on a journey revealing the poor medical condition of India, injustice by power corrupts, and terrorism. Listen to the podcast of Hai dil ka kya kasoor in Hindi. You can either listen to it online or download it for free. 

  • Main teri Chandini

As you would have guessed from the title that this is the story of a girl named Chandini who lives in Mumbai. A girl of age 23 who is so beautiful that one cannot remove his eyes from her. Whenever she raises her hand to remove her hairs from her face and put them back behind her ears, that look can kill anyone. She is a girl which every boy dreams of having as his girlfriend or partner. But, this is the life of Chandni and it depends on her, who she chooses as her partner. Has Chandini found her Prince Charming? Who will be that lucky boy whom Chandini will give her heart? All the questions are answered in the novel by Kavita Verma titled ‘Main teri Chandini’. This cute love story is available on our platform for free. You can listen to the podcast of ‘Main teri Chandini’ in Hindi. You can also download and share this podcast for free from our platform. Listen to this amazing love story now, and let the feeling of love flow inside you. 

  • Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai

Have you been in a relationship with someone? I guess many of you have experienced this thing called love and relationships but I have not. This is why I want to know what your first relationship with a person was. Every time I imagine something like this, a film starts in my mind. Most of the time imagine that I will be standing or sitting somewhere when I will see her passing by with her friends. Our eyes will meet each other and that will be the moment we will realise love. Stupid imagination, isn’t it? Bollywood movies have set the expectations so high. This is why I wanted to know what the first love feels like. I consider myself lucky to find this amazing story titled ‘Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai’ by author Darshak Vadgama. This story presented me with a picture of first love. I would definitely recommend you to listen to this story. This story ‘Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai’ is available on our platform for free. You can listen to this story in Hindi from our platform and you can also share it with your love for free.

  • Sirf Tum

This story is the love story of Sonam and Amit. Sonam goes to stay at Dr. Amit’s house because of her job. Amit’s parents are a distant relative of Sonam.  Sonam is very beautiful and decent and because of this she is liked by everyone, except one Amit. Amit’s nature is a bit bitter, he is very irritated with Sonam. But slowly this irritation turns into love. They both love each other very much and decide to get married.  But, just like every love story has a villain, so did it. There was also a villain in between Amit and Sonam’s love, who did not want these two to get married. Who is that villain? After all, why does he not want to let Amit and Sonam get married? To know the answer to these questions, you must listen to this podcast. Listen to the love podcast sirf tum and feel the love all around you.

  • Ek Mohabbat Aisi Bhi

“Ek Mohabbat Aisi Bhi” story is one of the best love stories available on this platform. This story is about Mayank and Rachna’s love. Although Mayank and Rachna used to fight a lot, both did not like each other at all, but after some time they both started loving each other very much. Rachna and Mayank express their love to each other and think of getting married. The two were very happy together, preparations for marriage had started. Gradually time passed and the wedding day came, but, Mayank commits suicide on the wedding day. Everyone was shocked how it happened. Why did Mayank commit suicide? Did Rachna and Mayank face some problems or was there some other reason? Listen to this beautiful love story and get to know the suspense.

  • Kyuki Hum Best friends hai

Generally we see there is a boy who earns for his whole family and runs his house according to him but have you heard anything where a house has a father and a big brother but the house is being run by the girl. Probably not. You don’t hear much about this in our Indian Society. Well, here is the story of a girl named Shrishti who is poor but very strict that his whole family has a fear of her. What will happen when this strict and angry girl will meet a Jolly sort guy, Virat? Where Shrishti is like fire, Virat is as cool as ice. What will happen when these two will meet? What if they fell in love with each other? Will they become successful in managing their love life when they are just opposite to each other? Listen to this cute love story titled ‘Kyuki Hum Best friends hai’. This amazing love story is available on our platform for free. So go for it and share it with your lover too.

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  • Girlfriend

You must have heard many stories of love, that someone gave up his life for his love or someone left his house, someone fought the most and found his love and someone’s love betrayed him. But is it also love to sacrifice one’s own love for someone else? To leave your love for someone else, what is it? Doing everything for the happiness of your love even not caring about yours, what is it? Is it all love or just stupidity? Today we have brought one such podcast for you, in which a different story of love is told. The name of this story is “”Girlfriend””. It is written by S.K. The story revolves around Shobha, Kaushal and Neha. It is like a triangle of love, in which one has to sacrifice. Have you ever seen such a love triangle? Has this ever happened to you in life, when you have sacrificed love for your own love? Ok, after all, why does this happen? What is the reason behind this? To know the reason, do listen to this podcast. You can listen to the story named Girlfriend for absolutely free. So listen to this story and introduce yourself to a different form of love.

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