7 Powerful Tools for Cross Browser and Visual Layout Testing

Browser compatibility testing software is designed to test your web applications for compatibility across browsers. Sure testing tools, which are specifically aimed at this purpose, can be used to check your website for cross browser compatibility issues. As a matter of fact, there are many tools available in the market nowadays. So, what should one choose? This is where the confusion arises. Hence we have come up with a list of the best testing tools that you could rely on. These tools offer functional and performance tests that help to identify issues in rendering, styling, scripting and user interaction. But before we proceed to the list, let’s try to understand them in detail so that you can select any one accordingly.

This article lists the most popular cross browser testing tools for designers and developers. There are both free open source software (free to use but not free to share or modify) and paid commercial software (purchased using money). Say goodbye to browser compatibility issues! We’ve gathered the best, most trusted cross browser testing tools on the market.

Tools for Cross Browser and Visual Layout Testing

1. LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a cloud based platform that makes cross browser compatibility testing easy. Using LambdaTest will save you time and money while dramatically improving the quality of your web application. It allows you to test your Selenium tests written in Java, or any other programming language you like, and execute them on LambdaTest’s massively scalable cloud grid. LambdaTest is the industry-leading cloud platform for cross browser automated web testing. You will be able to test your website against real browsers, without needing to install any testing tools on your personal machine.

LambdaTest is easy-to-use, and secure, allowing teams to easily execute Selenium RC and WebDriver tests anywhere. It lets you execute cross browser tests in 2000+ real browser combinations on a virtual Selenium grid. It offers bug logging capability to your favorite bug tracking tools. It has gained popularity as a Selenium testing service due to its ability to simulate real-world user scenarios at scale. You can be a professional Selenium tester with the right set of skills and learning strategies that can be gained from the Selenium Training. Using the SSH Tunneling feature, you can remotely control any private working environment through secure network tunneling. With its approach to low-cost execution of Selenium automation tests, you can feel confident and relaxed about your website’s quality.

2. TestingBot 

TestingBot is a cloud-based platform for running automated, manual, and visual tests. Run your tests on real browsers – on over 2500 browsers in the cloud! Test apps made with any technology. Cover your entire codebase and get as many tests as you want with our unlimited plan! TestingBot allows users to run manual and automatic Selenium tests as well as visual tests on physical devices. It comes with thousands of browser combinations to ensure you can test your website across all devices. TestingBot has built a security model to protect user data during testing and provides real-time monitoring services.

Their grid enables you to run automated and manual tests on more than 2,500 browsers and physical mobile devices. As your business grows, TestingBot scales with you.Free yourself from the distractions of testing in the cloud. Automate any test with Recording, and trigger Automated tests and Manual tests on 2500 Virtual devices and real physical devices. TestingBot’s grid offers industry-leading security and a customizable grid environment.

3. Selenium Box

Selenium Box is an enterprise Selenium Grid that allows conducting automated tests in a high-performance environment. It enables users to develop and execute their test cases. Selenium Box provides a cloud-based solution for painless Selenium Grid management, administration and execution of automated tests for web and mobile applications. It is a tool that allows you to set up a Selenium Grid right from your browser. It’s easy to deploy, highly reliable, and flexible enough to suit any testing requirement. Selenium Box is trusted by organizations like yours globally to accelerate their software releases with a managed and scalable Selenium Grid.

Selenium box offers on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments. Testing on virtual machines, emulators, physical devices and mobile phones is available with this highly versatile tool. It is secure by default with no external access needed and managed for you with no hardware or software to deploy and maintain. Selenium box is highly scalable whether you have 300 users or 300,000.

4. GhostLab

It’s time to get your testing done right! GhostLab taps into Selenium and Firebug, combining them into ONE intuitive, powerful tool. It  shows you how to test across devices—discovering clicks, scrolls and form inputs—all synced to the screen, making cross-browser testing a cinch. In short, GhostLab makes your job faster and easier. Ghostlab is a tool to be used for cross-browser, desktop, and logging of DOM manipulation. As a headless testing software, it empowers you to write automated, functional tests in multiple browsers with no browser configuration and no maintenance. You can start running your Functional Tests in seconds.

Ghostlab is an exhaustive testing tool that offers up to 20 browsers connected at once. It allows you to test synchronised clicks, scrolls, reloads, and form entries across all your connected devices. It employs the superior built-in inspector to quickly identify problems and fix them efficiently. It is a robust cross-browser testing tool, used by professional testers to gather key insights on user experience. Through the Ghost Inspector, test cases are synchronized on all browsers and devices to achieve a similar testing environment.

5. Browsershots 

The Browsershots service is a free, open source web browser testing platform. Browsershots enables you to test your page across every popular browser and operating system combination. It runs on Windows, Mac or Linux, and allows you to preview how your site looks in every web browser. Browse and test your website on different operating systems and browsers, with multiple operating system and browser versions. Powerful options for customizing the users experience make Browsershots the best tool to test cross compatibility online.

You can choose your settings depending on your project, choose the browsers you want to test, and run the tests easily. It is a tool that was built to enable you to test your website against almost every browser known to man with advanced operation features. Taking your website screenshots in various browsers and operating systems is not an easy job. Browsershots has automated processes that allow you to take your website screenshots in almost all browsers and platforms.

6. IE NetRender 

IE NetRender is a quick and easy way for web developers to ensure that their sites work in many browsers at once. It’s a simple tool to use, with no advanced setup required. By simply choosing a browser version and entering the address of the site you want to test, you get a screenshot of that site as if it were being viewed by that browser. This helps you identify any unexpected issues early in the development process to save time later on. For fast, reliable, and accurate cross-browser testing, you need a tool with a streamlined professional interface like IE NetRender.

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The IE NetRender Browser Compatibility Testing Tool is able to process a large number of requests simultaneously without the need for scripts, allowing for immediate results. The entire image rendered and all URLs are kept private and secure. It is extremely useful as it allows for quick testing, and it is capable of pixel by pixel site comparison across different versions of browsers. Powerful and easy to use, it is a high-speed browser automation tool designed for QA engineers,and  is capable of handling a large number of concurrent requests. All rendered images are kept secure (until you want them) and can be easily compared pixel by pixel.

7. net is a free, open source cross-browser testing tool for web developers. It’s sandboxed and works on any Mac OS X or Windows machine without installation — it’s simply a .exe file you can run directly from your desktop. provides you the best ways to create, test and manage your website’s web browsers by giving full control on your development process. It lets you effortlessly test and view how your website or web app looks in multiple browser versions, operating systems and mobile devices. Formerly, it aims to provide an open-source browser sandbox for testing and development purposes faster and easier than maintaining virtual machines. is a lightweight sandboxing solution for Windows that allows you to run multiple applications and websites side by side in isolated sandboxes. It also allows you to create virtual machines within these sandboxes, enabling you to browse the internet and use other software without putting the rest of your computer at risk.


Hopefully with this article, you found the platform that suits your requirements best and can help you exercise a seamless cross-browser testing experience. Cross browser testing ensures that your UI is consistent across a range of browsers from Chrome to Firefox, making sure that your website or web application can perform to its fullest potential irrespective of its medium of operation.

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