7 Space Savers that are Life Savers

Nowadays, condo units, dorm rooms, and apartment space can be very limited for the average person. Living alone or with others in a small space can be frustrating. You have to fit everything you own in a cramped up area, and it’s hard to find a place to put your new stuff. Imagine having to walk sideways because the room is just that cramped up. You have two options: to throw some things away or to continue living like a sardine in a can. Hard to take your pick? What if we told you that there’s a third option: to invest in space-saving items? 

Space savers are money, time, and effort savers. You get the most of a product and you don’t have to worry about walking sideways in your place. The cost will also be worth it because you will use it for a very long time, probably forever. If you’re about to move to a new place or if you’re thinking of buying new stuff, consider searching up on a few space savers on our list. 

  • Daybeds

If you usually have guests over or if your place has a one-room setup, daybeds are perfect for you. Daybeds are couches that can be made into a bed in a few seconds. Convert the couch into a bed when it’s bedtime, then convert it back when it’s binge-watching time (you can also watch while lounging in its bed form, we’re not judging). Daybeds also means more space for guests to sleep in for a slumber party or an unexpected sleepover. Moving to a new place or transferring your furniture will also be less of a hassle with daybeds. 

  • Collapsible Table and Chair Set

Tables and chairs take up a lot of space in homes. They can be bulky and annoying, especially if you live alone. Have some free space by using collapsible tables and chairs instead. You can take them out when you need to then fold them and put them aside when you’re finished. They can also serve as an outdoor table and chair set for your next picnic or barbeque as well, because they’re relatively light and easy to carry around. 

  • Spiral Clothes Rack

There are points in our lives where we stop and think, “I don’t have space for any more clothes.” We’re faced with the dilemma of having to throw some away or stuffing them into the already stuffed closet. Spiral clothing racks can help solve that problem. Spiral racks have the same concept as spiral staircases, which is to save space and serve an aesthetic purpose. You can put up to two times more clothes in a spiral rack than the regular ones. If you have a walk-in closet, you can place your spiral rack inside to save even more space.

  • Fold-down Wall Table

Fold-up wall tables are interesting. You can mask them with a painting or a portrait. When the table is placed down, a hollow space on the wall will be shown. Save some more space by making this hollow area into extra storage. To put it away, the table is locked onto the wall and the surface of the table is shown. You can get creative with fold-up wall tables. It’s an ideal desk, but if you live alone, it can serve as your kitchen table as well. It’s a cool feature so you can amaze your guests with it too!

  • Under the Bed Storage

Can you imagine how much space there is under your bed? There’s probably enough space to put the clothes you won’t be using for the season, old books, chunky suitcases, and the random things you can’t bring yourself to throw away. Leave no area to the ghost under your bed and maximize the free space! You can use DIY storage bins or buy them at your local dollar store. 

  • Over the Sink Drying Racks

Save yourself from the hassle of having to wipe the water from the dripping dishes on your kitchen counter and get yourself a drying rack over your sink. This saves space on your kitchen counter and makes it look more organized. You can also use this as a place to put your dishes instead of storing them in the cupboard.

  • Using Hooks in a Cupboards

Cupboards have more space in them than you know of. Aside from the space on the surface of the cupboard, you can use the space above. Buy some screw hooks and install them to the top of the inside of the cupboard. You can hang your cups there and save the surface space for plates and other things. 

The Takeaway

Space savers are lifesavers because they help save your money and efforts. By using space savers, you can make the most out of your living area. Say goodbye to living in a small, cramped place and say hello to dancing freely at home.

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