8 Best Visual Basic Courses Online

Computing science is a fast-growing industry, and each language has its own updates every moment. When students need to develop their skills in such a programming language as Visual Basic, they often turn up for the help of extra courses and training. They are even ready to get assistance from specialists, so they search online, “pay someone to do my Visual Basic homework,” and ask them to provide reliable examples on basic operations. In our article, you can read about the eight best online courses to enrich your skills and cope with any coding task on Visual Basic independently.

1. Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA

Joining this course on Udemy for only $10.99, you will get best practices creating macros and streamline your Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code. With full-lifetime access, you have enough time to watch 5 hours of on-demand video and learn how to automate repeated tasks within Excel. Moreover, you can determine when it’s best to use the VBA versus Macro Recorder. When you don’t know how to write custom VBA Macros to create more robust automation, your tutor Microsoft certified trainer Kyle Pew explains this subject with ease.

2. Excel VBA: Process Modeling

Modeling business processes lets analysts and managers evaluate their operations and make good decisions. Simulations that use random variables to check a function allow you to test whether the system you designed can meet your company’s goals. In this course on Lynda by LinkedIn, you will understand how to build Monte Carlo simulations using VBA in Microsoft Excel. The course’s duration is two hours 27 minutes. It insists on seven modules, and each of them has three to five lessons with five minutes average length.

3. Visual Basic Essential Training

In this course on LinkedIn’s educational platform Lynda, you will learn the fundamentals of Visual Basic. First, you explore the Visual Studio Code editors and get comfortable with the language syntax. You understand how to debug your code and write exception handlers. Before you know it, you will finish up the course with logic statements, working lists, and links. Your tutor, Walt Ritscher, will explain how to write some code in the Visual Basic language in five productive hours. 

4. Create a Simple Desktop App with VB.NET

If you want to get some practical skills on VB.NET, apply for this course on the Coursera platform. It is handy to work online, so you don’t need to download an extra Interactive Development Environment to your computer. Just follow the guidance of your instructor in the video and practice your code in browser workflow. The course’s duration is two hours, so you can create, run, and test a simple application where you add two numbers together, and it displays the answer. 

5. Introduction to Computer Programming with Visual Basic Specialization

This is an extended version of the course that contains four parts based on Coursera. Here students can gain essentials on Visual Basic to create computer programs that apply variable collections to find the way out of business and mathematical issues. This learning program is suitable for absolute beginners in data science. Become more proficient in coding together with your tutor Aspen Olmsted and his 576 learners. Pass one of the following courses or cover them all for a better understanding of the subject. 

6. Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

If you’ve passed Foundations of Computer Science, the first course of the previous complete program on Coursera, you can easily move to this one. Decision branching, iteration, user input, console output, and variable declaration with assignment – are the five main procedural programming concepts represented in this course. Get essential knowledge on Visual Basic just for two hours spread for four weeks of comfortable learning. 

7. Visual Basic Programming: Classes and Collections

This course is a third part of the more extensive Introduction to Computer Programming with Visual Basic Specialization. Enroll in this course using a 7-day free trial to get unlimited access to all courses in the specialization, watch lectures, process assignments, and participate in discussion forums. To continue learning after trial ends, pay $39 per month and get a certificate of completion. Indeed, you can pass all the material for seven free days to save money. 

8. Visual Basic Programming: Inheritance and Polymorphism

The last part of the Introduction to Computer Programming with Visual Basic Specialization educational program has great popularity among data science students. Learn with videos, get in-depth knowledge by reading the text material, and fix the material in your memory by passing interactive quizzes. Process studying at your own pace while having four weeks to complete. Dive into the history of computing algorithms and algorithm efficiency to learn problem-solving using algorithms. Clarify why historical events in computation lead humanity to today’s progress. With this course, you will quickly identify the different types of data analysis and their use in particular cases.


Why should you learn VBA programming concepts? It is essential to create dynamic, reusable code and complete real-world Macro/VBA projects from the starting point to the end. Therefore, Microsoft Visual Basic is a rich programming language that leverages every aspect of the dot net framework. Any programmer can write every type of application, from ConSol Labs to scalable web applications, after learning these online programs. It works with Windows Forms, WPF, and universal Windows applications too. Use these eight courses to create significant operations, expand your horizons using Microsoft, and open new career possibilities. So, let’s get started!

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