8 Ways To Best Kill Time At Airports

Suppose you have to spend a long time alone in the airport, stuck in a terminal for the long layover, and miraculously breezing through the security line much faster than expected, you may be at the loss as what you can do with the free time before you board your flight. Here are some top ways to kill time at airports.

1. Talk to people

Instead of watching people & making up the story in the head, why not talk to them & learn their story instead? The airports are the best places you can socialize with strangers since they are filled with different people from across the world. We all know what you are thinking — starting the conversation with a stranger for not any reason to talk? You might be crazy! However, if they are sitting at the cafe or bar, chances are that they are looking for a way to kill their time. What is the worst that will happen?

2. Catch Up With Your Loved Ones

Waiting at the airport will definitely be your best time you can catch up with your friends or relatives. Life is quite fast and everybody does not have that luxury of staying connected and they want. Take benefit of this situation & reconnect with your old friend and relative. Suppose you aren’t a ‘call person then you can use wi-fi zone, and activate social media presence as well as chat! Most International airports provide secure and fast Wi-Fi-free internet access throughout their terminal complex.

3. Hit up WiFi

As mentioned before, most of the airports have got free WiFi, which is totally free for a half-hour. You will have to register with the email address, thus if you have one or more email on your name then you can potentially stretch to one hour or more. Also, most airports have got tablet stations with free WiFi (although these fill up fast). You can check out the airport WiFi chart for complete details. Or maybe you can even play online games like 20 Bet mobile live games.

  • Get Spoiled 

Airport day spas & massage shops have now become ubiquitous at international airports. Have any fear of flying? You can melt away the jitters with muscle-tingling back and foot massage, or you can go for the facial treatment and mani-pedi. Just do not get very relaxed you forget boarding on time.

1. Play games

Suppose you know that you are spending some long hours in the airport, you can pack some cards and compact travel games and keep yourself amused. I love word games, I like Bananagrams, or sometimes get a bit creative with the games such as “stranger scavenger hunt” (searching for other travelers with some criteria, that is family of four, a teenager with red hair, and more.)

2. Reading 

Books are the man’s (woman’s) best friend, particularly in times of crisis like this. You can hit the nearest bookstore at the terminal and pick whatever you find interesting. Get immersed in pages & you may lose track of the time. You can pick up the Reader’s Digest and Cosmopolitan for a quick read or you can delve into something substantial like Mockingjay or Goldfinch.  Make sure you collect some good books from home or buy one from the airport itself.

3. Head to restaurant 

Another tip that does not fail is heading to the restaurant and bar for food and drinks. Unless you are flying from a small airport that does not have such facilities airports are pretty good for the selection of amazing places to drink, eat, and spend your time. It is the best way to kill time, as you will find some delicious food, though it might be a bit costly, but it is a great option to kill your time at airport.

4. Window-shop

Many airports nowadays seem glorified shopping malls, which happen to have the planes landing, and costs are a bit high as there is nowhere to go. However, you can have a lot of free playing with travel gadgets & massage chairs, sampling moisturizers or testing fragrances, browsing books in the WH Smith & goggling at price tags.  You will find many different stores at airport, if do not like an idea of buying anything, you can just do window shopping.

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