9 Different Types of Wallpaper

After the construction of the house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช was completed The next item that needs to be done is decorating work. Today we will bring you all to know the material to cover the walls instead of painting, that is, wall paper, which home decoration is considered to be important. because it enhances the beauty and livability even more

What is wallpaper?

Wallpaper is classified as a decorative material covering the interior wall surface. that can be installed easily, quickly, can be completed in one day Compared to other wall decorations that take days to complete. It is also tough and durable. Can be used for many years and has a very affordable price with the color scheme and patterns that are plentiful today It will help to enhance the beauty. and inspiring from being able to decorate in a variety of styles according to unlimited needs

Material Type : Type of wallpaper

There are currently 9 types of wallpapers as follows:

  1. Duplex Wallpaper It is a wall covering material made from printed paper only. without coating the face or just a thin coating only on the face
  2. Vinyl Wallpaper, a wallpaper that uses a wall covering material made from paper coated on the surface (Surface) with a color-printed vinyl substance. And use the press (Emboss) to create various patterns. In some species, there is a register (Register) to add dimension lines of various patterns. to wallpaper with the appearance of oily skin and matte skin
  3. Foam Wallcovering is a type of wall covering material with paper back, coated with PVC compound (PVC) or colored printed foam and embossed to make a pattern. Suitable for installation in where there is not much dust, such as bedroom, office room or air-conditioned room, etc.
  4. Textile Wallcovering, a type of wall covering material behind the paper (Paper Black) and using natural fibers or synthetic fibers such as cotton, silk, polyester, woven into a pattern on the paper.
  5. Non-Woven Wallpaper is an innovative wallpaper made from cellulose fibers. without using wood pulp from pine forests to make raw materials It is a technology from the petroleum industry. therefore it is widely accepted in the European market. It also tends to increase in the world market.
  6. Photo Wall It is a wall paper that prints patterns or pictures taken from nature or paintings, photographs with a single image on the entire wall, such as a city atmosphere. Natural scenery, portraits, etc.
  7. Fiber Wall Fiber is a wall covering material that is different from general wallpaper. Made from sheet material which is a thin rolled gypsum board Then coat the surface by using fiber filaments to be knitted into the fiber structure (NET) and then color the pattern to be beautiful.
  8. Wood Backing Wallpaper. The surface is real wood. By using natural materials such as cork wood, bamboo to laminate with chicken skin paper. There is no surface coating like other types.
  9. Fabric Backing Wallpaper uses textile material as the back instead of paper. and coated the face with PVC (PVC)

Raw Material: raw materials and main components used in production

Wallpaper is a material that is a mixture of paper that has been processed. and blended with other types of components such as fabric, gypsum, foam, paper, vinyl, PVC to natural fibers until it becomes sticky with a color design or pattern put on a sheet of wallpaper in a variety of formats various styles

Benefit & Disadvantage : Advantages – Disadvantages Classified by each type

– Duplex Wallpaper

Pros – Easy to find, not very expensive.

Disadvantages – The pattern may not look dimensional. Not suitable for installation in damp or wet rooms. because there is a limit in terms of durability

– Vinyl Wallpaper

Pros – Vinyl is the most popular type of wallpaper. because it can be wiped clean with water easy care It is not an island of dust. Suitable for general room wall decoration

Disadvantages – But over time, colors and patterns may fade quickly. If you are exposed to sunlight often

– Foam Wallcovering

Pros – It has a deep, pronounced pattern. thick and soft And can be cleaned easily, can hide and hide the mess of the wall well. It is also lighter than other types of wallpaper, so it can also be mounted on the ceiling.

Disadvantages – Mounting to the ceiling requires special precautions regarding moisture from the ceiling as well. This may be caused by water droplets from the cooling of the air vents that are embedded in the ceiling or the roof leaks and then the water drips into the ceiling, etc. But if the ceiling does not have the problems mentioned above, it can be installed. and can be used for a long time

– Textile Wallcovering

Advantages – It is characterized by There will be clear lines that stand out, creating luxury for the wall as well. Most of these types of wallpapers are wide.

Disadvantages – maintenance must be careful not to get dust. and absolute humidity Because it is made from natural fibers which are somewhat fragile.

– Non-Woven Wallpaper

Pros – Light weight, easier to install than paper, more durable in terms of toughness. Tear-resistant, can absorb moisture better than paper. Easy to peel off for wallpaper replacement (Repealable) and reduce the amount of environmental damage.

Disadvantages – There may be peeling – falling off in the joints or edges. The installer must be meticulous in detailing.

– Photo Wall

Pros – The story of the picture is continuous beautiful.

Disadvantages – need to prepare the area. and measure the exact size Because if the area is not prepared, it may cause when already installed. The picture will be too torn and not beautiful.

– Fiber Wall

Advantages – Backing that is gypsum It can prevent water leakage well. The network (NET) of fiber that is tough. Holds the wall well Help the wall not to cause cracks. and prevents fissures to a certain extent

Disadvantages – May have peeling marks, cuticles on the original paint or wall surface when peeling off.

– Wood Backing Wallpaper

Pros – make it beautiful. and natural texture

Disadvantages – need to be careful about humidity.

– Fabric Backing Wallpaper

Pros – Durable, good shock resistance. suitable for space that is very active

Disadvantages – need to be careful about humidity.

** The application is suitable for decorating the walls inside the building only.

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