A Bar Stool, Compact Ornament for Your House

You can use stools both in restaurants, bars, or in your kitchen area. Compared to dining table chairs, bar stools are generally more compact in size and have a more varied and attractive design. Various bar stools are available in the market, ranging from wooden ones, have soft cushions, are high in size, and so on. To make it easier for you to identify the right product, we will explain how to choose using plastic stools.

Choose a product with a height according to the height of your table

Bar stools are mostly stylish and taller than ordinary chairs. It is very important that you choose a bar stool that is the right height for your table. Choose a bar stool with a height of about 27-30 cm lower than the height of the table. That way, when the chair is occupied you will get the right height. You may find it difficult to find a product that is the right height. To overcome this, you can choose a bar stool that is equipped with a height adjuster or height adjuster. So it can fit on all tables.

Choose a product that has a foot ring

Foot ring, which is a place for you to place your feet when sitting. A high bar stool can make it difficult for you to keep your feet on the floor. Well, the foot ring allows you to comfortably put your feet. In addition, for those of you who are small, sitting on a high bar stool can be difficult. If the chair is equipped with a foot ring, you can step on the foot ring and sit on the chair easily. Unfortunately, not all bar stools on the market are equipped with foot rings. Therefore, first, check whether there is a foot ring on the product of your choice.

Choose a product that has a cushion on the seat

You will find two types of bar stools. The first is equipped with bearings and the second is without bearings or sometimes also called the flat type. Products that are equipped with pads are certainly more soft and comfortable to sit on, your buttocks will not hurt even if you sit on them for hours. In addition, you can choose products that are designed to fit your body, for example, curved like in the picture above. Such products will make you less sore when sitting for a long time. Meanwhile, flat-type products are hard so they are not comfortable to sit on for long. Even so, this type is easily combined with a wooden table. For those of you who prioritize design, this type is also worth considering.

Choose a product according to your room design

The stool is one of the interior decorations of the room. It is highly recommended that you choose a product with a look that fits the interior style of the room. Not only the shape, but the color of the chair will also affect the impression it creates. Therefore, make sure the design matches the interior feel of your room. For example, if you want a chair that looks solid and quiet, you can consider brown or black products. To strengthen the warm impression, a wooden chair with a natural design is the right choice. You better Choose the kind of color which suits your needs and preferences.

Not only for sitting, but bar stools will also beautify your room. Before deciding to buy, make sure you have checked the height and specifications of the desired chair. Bar stools whose designs match the interior style of the room will certainly make the room more stunning. The convenience of its use should also not escape your attention. Choose the product that best suits your needs.

The bar stool is one of the lounge chairs, which functions as a seat to provide comfort when doing activities such as eating, relaxing, in cafes, kitchens, and bars. This chair can also be used for discussions in informal meeting rooms.

A bar stool is a chair that is used when users want to relax in a bar/cafe or their own home. This bar stool has a width and length that is adjusted to standard users, usually, the bar stool has a p x l (30×30, 40x 40, etc.)
Not all bar stools can be adjusted in height to the user
Not all stools have armrests, it depends on the design of the chairs and the concept of the room.
The bar stool has a height that is adjusted to the table (bar table).
Height 58 – 70 cm for bar tables that have a height between 88 – 93 cm
Height 73 – 81 cm for 105 – 110 cm
The height of the bar chair is 83 – 90 cm for 110 -120 cm
Not all barstools have a backrest, if the bar stool has a backrest, the backrest is usually permanent. In general, barstool with a backrest height: 30 – 40 cm (12”-16”) from the top of the seat, tilt angle: 0°-5° (formal); 10°-15° (casual)
Can be used as a dining chair with a bar table, lounge chair, and informal meeting chair.

A comfortable home is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? You also certainly want a comfortable home to live in, right? Well, one of the things that can add to the feeling of comfort in your home is the presence of a chair. As already explained, that the bar stool comes with the aim of increasing the comfort and tranquility of the occupants of the house. So, placing bar stools in the right place really helps you to create a sense of comfort in your residence. The next advantage or benefit of the bar stool is as a place for you and your family to relax. When gathering with family in the lounge, the presence of bar stools can help bring and enhance a harmonious atmosphere for your family. Plus, if a few cups of tea/coffee complete with pastries come into the midst of your family, then your family’s happiness is complete in the afternoon or on the weekend.

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