A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Hosting

We are all familiar with the fact that you need a web hosting service to host your website. But do you know there are different types of web hosting?

Out of all web hosting types, dedicated hosting is one of the most popular ones. It is widely used by big businesses to support the growing needs of their online website

Dedicated hosting is different from other types of hosting. That’s because you get to rent an entire physical server to host your website. This means you also get more resources to support your site. If you are in search of a trusted web host company, then you should check out Interserver. But before you make any decision, go through interserver reviews to get an idea about their services.

What is dedicated hosting?

Before moving on to any further details, let us first learn what dedicated hosting is.

Dedicated hosting refers to the renting of an entire physical space for hosting a website. In other words, you can customise the specifications of this server to meet the needs of your website. Not just that, but you also get more bandwidth and disk storage, to begin with.

But it should be reminded that dedicated hosting is one of the most expensive hosting solutions. The cost of acquiring an entire server is high. Due to this reason, small businesses cannot afford it. This type of hosting is mainly used by big businesses.

Advantages & Drawbacks of Dedicated Hosting

Just like any other web hosting solution even dedicated hosting has certain advantages and drawbacks. Before you sign up for it, you should be aware of these things.


  • It provides increased security for your site.
  • You get improved speed and stability.
  • It gives you complete control over the site’s settings.
  • You don’t have to share your server with any other website owner.
  • Your site will get plenty of resources to meet the growing demands of your business.


  • It is more expensive than other hosting plans.
  • It requires more maintenance.
  • You need sufficient technical knowledge to operate the server.

Whether you are looking for dedicated hosting plans or any other hosting, you should check out Interserver hosting.

How to tell if you need dedicated hosting?

Let’s be real, dedicated hosting is not meant for everyone. If you need a dedicated hosting plan or not can be determined from the following pointers.

  • You need increased security

If you run an eCommerce store or some other site where you store the personal details of your customers, then you should opt for dedicated hosting. It will help keep your site protected.

  • You want control over the server

If you want to gain full control over your site’s server, then dedicated hosting is for you. But to handle the server, you need sufficient technological knowledge. Or you can hire someone to handle it on your behalf.

Dedicated hosting is one of the best types of hosting solutions out there. If you think your business has the potential to grow exponentially, then you should go for dedicated hosting. To know more, you can read reviews.

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