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When it comes to skin care to reduce acne that is good. We would like to give the items that we bring together today! Today, we have compiled a list of great skincare products that many people use and like. Many people use it and say that it can really help reduce acne. So that everyone can buy and use them together. Each of them helps to get rid of acne problems very well. Whether it is clogged acne, pimples, inflammatory acne, including redness and black marks from acne.

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Oxe Cure Acne Clear Powder Lotion

For the first one, this is a hot acne reduction item this year with the famous acne powder from Japan! This will help dry up acne and disappear faster. Anyone with inflamed acne must be treated urgently. It contains Salicylic Acid 2% and other ingredients like Zinc PCA, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Aloe Vera Extract. Helps prevent new acne breakouts and helps control oil It also makes dark spots and acne scars fade away.

SKINOXY Advanced Cica-Phyto Anti Acne Spray

A good acne cure and very easy to use. I have to give this anti-acne spray! As for SKINOXY Advanced Cica-Phyto Anti Acne Spray, I must say that it is a very suitable acne reducer for this New Normal era because this spray can be sprayed on the face. You don’t have to put your hands on your face and paint your face to worry. The spray will help reduce irritation as well. It also helps acne disappear within 24 hours! It also protects the skin from pollution. add moisture to the skin oil control And lock the makeup to last longer during the day as well. Most importantly, it’s free from perfume, alcohol and parabens. Sensitive skin can also use it.

La Roche-Posay EFFACLAR DUO (+)

This one has to be said that it is a popular item for acne prone skin! By this cream, he is a moisturizer to nourish the skin. specially made to help reduce acne problems Helps reduce acne clogged, dark spots, redness caused by acne. And help reduce the bad bacteria that cause acne on our face, sure enough. and in addition to reducing the bad caterpillars They also increase good bacteria. beneficial to the skin make the skin stronger no acne reoccurring

d Program Acne Care Emulsion

For items from d Program, there are many formulas, which Acne Care formula is made for people with acne. The emulsion itself is suitable for acne prone skin. including oily skin This emulsion will help the skin retain moisture longer. Helps improve skin with acne problems and recurring acne due to allergic reactions for the better Help protect the skin from acne. and does not cause acne scars

BK Acne Balancing Mask

It’s an item that is both cheap and really good for BK Acne Balancing Mask. This mask is a mask that helps to solve acne problems very well. Because he will help stop the bacteria that cause acne. Helps to eliminate dead acne cells to reduce clogging It also helps to reduce redness and dark spots caused by acne as well.

Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir

This one may be seen by many people as an item that helps to tighten and whiten the skin. But not only that. This plankton juice also helps to reduce dry skin. Helps skin become more hydrated and easy to apply makeup The pimples are also gradually reduced. It is called an item that helps the face to be smooth. Helps to recover skin quickly.

Mizumi Peptide Acne Gel

 When did acne come on? I need this one to help. Because he is a gel that helps reduce inflammation well. The brand claims that it helps reduce inflammation of acne within 24 hours, and also helps acne disappear and get rid of easily within 3 days. And this gel, in addition to helping acne disappear. also helps reduce acne Reduce the production of oil from the sebaceous glands on the skin. Make new acne less as well.

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