Acute Care From HealthTap

HealthTap provides comprehensive telehealth solutions to individuals, health systems, insurance companies and self-insured employers alike. No matter if you require urgent or ongoing primary care, they have the perfect solution.

HealthTap subscribers have access to live video consultations with doctors via web or app on your smartphone or tablet, plus they can ask questions and receive answers from experts in their database. With a subscription, you’ll gain access to over 10,000 doctors across the US!

Live Video Consultations

HealthTap, a telehealth platform, provides live video consultations for acute medical care. The service utilizes AI to identify the likely cause of symptoms in members and then connects them with doctors who can provide assistance.

Members can utilize the symptom checker to decide whether they need to see a doctor or not. Its doctors are trained in recognizing symptoms and referring patients for lab testing or other necessary interventions.

HealthTap provides Acute care to help people avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room. However, it cannot replace medical attention for serious or life-threatening emergencies.

No matter the type of care provided, one of the most essential aspects of physician-patient communication is direct face-to-face contact. This crucial interaction can take place in person at an office setting or via high-definition video and audio consultations.

Comprehensive Care

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual primary care provider offering quality healthcare at affordable prices to those without insurance. Members have access to their preferred long-term doctor for all their ongoing health needs, from preventive care and women’s health to senior wellness, child’s healthcare, men’s healthcare and chronic disease management.

Doctors on the HealthTap platform offer patients care and treatment that includes electronically filling prescriptions, ordering lab tests, receiving referrals to specialists, and getting reminders for follow-up appointments – services not available on other telehealth platforms. This is one of the main reasons why some people opt for HealthTap over competitors.

HealthTap has created a Personal Health Record, which contains data about each patient’s condition and history. This data can be used to tailor educational content towards the patient and provide more tailored answers to her questions. It also serves as an archive of doctors’ advice and interactions with patients.

Ease of Scheduling

HealthTap is the world’s first Global Health Practice, offering 24/7 instant access to top doctors via video, text and voice. Their doctor-trained Artificial Intelligence system personalizes users’ care while enabling instant connections with doctors and their knowledge base.

HealthTap’s thousands of physicians and millions of members rely on its reliable primary healthcare and urgent care services. With cutting-edge applications, information tools, electronic healthcare records that meet the highest data security standards in the industry, HealthTap provides top notch primary healthcare and urgent care.

HealthTap provides its app to patients, employers, insurance companies and health systems around the globe. Its HOPES cloud platform is an integrated healthcare operating system that links all EMRs, devices and apps with each individual’s personal health record and Health Graph.

Access to Experts

HealthTap is an international network of over 90,000 doctors located in 170 countries that offers free medical advice. To guarantee its members’ quality care, HealthTap thoroughly vets each physician to confirm they are board-certified and hold a valid medical license.

The Network includes physicians renowned both locally and nationally, including department chairs or division chiefs at esteemed medical centers like Harvard or Johns Hopkins. Regardless of their level of recognition within their community, every doctor on HealthTap has earned the respect of their peers for providing accurate and helpful answers to patients’ inquiries.

HealthTap provides interactive medical advice from a network of licensed experts in good standing (licensed physicians subject to disciplinary actions, including license violations, are not admitted into the Network). These doctors draw their expertise from their professional experiences and peer review processes.

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