Advantages of having a low slope Commercial Roofing System

Usually commercial roofs have flat slopes but low steep slope roofs may be more beneficial for your commercial property. In places like Edmonton, it prevents water from collecting on the roof and easily flows during rain and snow. Here are some of benefits of having low slope roofs in Edmonton:

1. Prevents pool of water: Low slope roofing systems permit water to move quickly through the gutters of the roof and do not allow pooling of water on the roof.

2. Better insulation: This kind of roof helps in saving on your utility bills by lowering heat and permitting more space for air to flow in and out of your commercial property. Better insulation means low energy bills, so it is a win-win situation for you.

3. Higher storage area: A roof with low slope can give you higher storage space through a bigger attic. It will help you get sufficient space to store important stuff.

4. Lesser repairs: The best thing about having a low slope roof is that you don’t need to hire roofing contractors frequently as this roofing system requires minimal maintenance and is highly durable.

5. Various design options: Low slope roofs are more visible than flat roofs. This makes your property appear bigger. You can also use gables and experiment with the design of your roof and more.

6. Low slope roofs in Edmonton are a popular choice for contemporary home designs and commercial buildings. However, it is very important to choose the right roofing material for your Edmonton home and get them installed properly to avoid any potential problems.

Points to keep in mind when getting low slope roofs:

The major concern is reduced drainage. However, if you choose the right slope, drainage system and doesn’t leave space for water pooling, then you will not experience this problem. In cold climates, especially in Edmonton, you experience freeze-thaw cycles of pooled water for flat roofs, but with low slope roofs, this may not be a major concern if installation is done properly.

Often water infiltration could lead to structural damage of the property and growth of mold and mildew. But with periodic inspection of the property you can save such serious health implications from developing.

Factors to enhance the longevity of a low slope roof

Climate: Commercial low slope roof may face long winters with freezing temperature in Edmonton and heavy snowfall. It may shorten the life of your roof. Hence, you should choose a material which can withstand extreme weather conditions with low maintenance. Metal roofs are a perfect recommendation for it. It will not have any bad effect of regular freezing and thawing of water.

Design: Roof design majorly impacts the runoff of water and accumulation of debris on it. Low slope roofs offer flexibility with material and are easy to install even on right budgets. It doesn’t allow too much water pooling as in flat roofs. Snow rarely accumulates on low-slope roofs especially on commercial properties because they toll poorly with the wind.

Installation: Hiring professionals will help you get perfect roof installation irrespective of the material or design you have chosen.

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