Aico Electric Car Washing Machine Price in Kenya

Because of the large number of cars manufactured each year, the car wash business is among the most profitable investments in Kenya. Car washes have grown in popularity over the years as many of the population find it more comfortable to wash their vehicles there rather than at home. Instead of cleaning your car or vehicle by hand, the Aico Commercial High Electric Car Wash machine has also been designed to help speed up and make the cleaning process easier.

Price and Factors to be Considered when Buying Aico Electric Car Wash machine

When looking for a car wash device, you’ll notice that others are electric. It, therefore, means they must have access to the power grid to function. Fully electric wash machines offer numerous advantages that may entice you to purchase one. But, before we get into the benefits, users might be wondering the price Aico electric car wash machine price in Kenya. So don’t be put off by the futuristic appearance of so many of these machines; they are normally quite inexpensive.

Benefits of an electric car wash machine

Quiet operation 

Electric car wash machines are typically very quiet when used because an induction generator powers them. They don’t create as much vibration as gasoline-powered car wash machines. It thus makes working through it without getting tired and stressed in some loud background.

Low energy consumption 

Electric engines are energy-efficient because they are more cost-effective and tightly controlled than fuel-powered engines. Furthermore, because they are not using piston engines, which have frictional and other failures, these engines can generate power without necessitating an amount of energy. Employing electric energy also reduces pollution, which reduces the carbon footprint.

Easy to maintain 

Electric engines require almost no maintenance. Because there have always been no movements or incomplete combustion inside the engine, these engines are extremely simple to maintain. With only a little care, your Aico electric car wash machine will survive you a long period. In addition, no or low maintenance reduces costs.

Continuous running 

If electricity is readily accessible on the electric grid, an electric car wash machine will not run out of energy. As a result, when electricity is supplied, your business does not witness any downtime. A good idea is also to invest in a petrol car wash machine to keep your business running.

When electricity is unavailable, electric car washing machines can also be powered by a generator.

There are numerous other advantages to purchasing an electric car wash machine, including numerous features. Electric car washing machines have been designed for the future, including numerous features that improve usability and efficiency when you’re at work.


The machine’s power determines the price of a Commercial High Electric Car Wash machine in Kenya. A car wash machine with high power, cleaning pressure, and flow rate are usually more expensive than low power. Furthermore, the machine’s extra features raise the price. Eventually, consider the brand. Renowned, high-quality brands typically cost much than lower brand products whose durability you cannot rely on.

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