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All About Fineline Tattoos

So you want a tattoo, but grandiose is just not your style. Maybe you have a job that requires you to cover up tattoos, so you are in the market for something discreet. Perhaps minimalism is just your thing. Perhaps the art styles of Paul Klee Alexander Calder and Egon Schiele speak to you. Perhaps you’ve always liked op art, or maybe you see something in the more modern CalArts style. You may want to consider whether fineline tattoos are right for you.

What is Great About Fine Line Tattoos

Tattoo technology has improved since your grandpa got his flag tattoo in the army. Today’s tattoo guns can make a thread-thin line of only three or four millimeters. Some artists can make delicate lines only one millimeter thick. This can make a tattoo that is very finely detailed without being ostentatious. Even if you could go for something bigger, the fine lines can create something with a good bit of detailing and subtle shading and hatching.

This means, of course, you’ll want to get an artist with a deft, meticulous touch. This is not something done in broad strokes, literally. Ask to see samples of an artist’s work before you get anything permanent done. This is particularly true if you want the subject matter to be realistic. Ask them if they do fine line tattoos. Not all artists do.

More Things You Need to Know About Fine Line Tattoos

Thin and delicate as fine line tattoos look, they will not fade any faster than any other tattoo. Getting one may hurt a little less than getting a bigger tattoo, but of course, your mileage may vary. As for price, this will also vary depending on how much detailing you to want and where you get it. The location of the tattoo shop, I mean. A tattoo hut in Peoria isn’t going to charge as much as one of those elaborate set-ups in Los Angeles. The tattoo may heal more quickly if you moisturize regularly and follow the artist’s care instructions.

And In Conclusion…

Paul Klee once said “A line is a dot that went for a walk.” Lines are the very foundation of any sort of artwork. Thin lines represent delicacy so the typical subject matter is often botanical or lettering with an emotional feel to it. Let the lines in your next tattoo not just walk but talk!

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