Amazon’s MiniTV Coming to India

Amazon’s miniTV is going to be available for sale in India soon. While we don’t know a lot about the product just yet, there are some interesting things we do know about. For instance, the new device will have an iOS platform and a content slate. That means it’s also likely to have music and video streaming capabilities, too.

JioSaavn is the top streaming music app in India

If you are looking for a streaming music app in India, JioSaavn is the best option. It offers a wide range of genres of music, such as rock, pop, Bollywood, and a lot more. You can listen to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can download them for offline listening.

Music plays a crucial role in your daily lives. It helps your mind and body coordinate, keeping you upbeat and active. That’s why, people take out their phones to listen to some music.

Currently, there are various popular music apps available in the market. Some of them include Spotify, Apple Music, and Gaana. But, among all these, JioSaavn is one of the most popular apps.

JioSaavn is a free music app that offers a wide range of songs, including a large number of Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam music. Besides, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. In addition to music, it also offers podcasts and radio stations.

Artists to make sketches on miniTV

Amazon’s free ad-supported video service, miniTV, is launching a line of comedy sketches and other content from a series of artists. The series will include comic sketches and web-series from creators such as Amit Bhadana, Prajakta Koli and Ashish Chanchlani. These will be released exclusively on miniTV for Amazon users. Many of the artists will also release sketches that will be relatable to everyday life. For instance, Dolly Singh will make a sketch about seven stages of getting over a breakup. It will be available on the service at 20:23 local time on Wednesday, September 12.

Another artist, Aakash Gupta, will be releasing sketches on AVOD on Amazon Mini TV in May 2021. Gupta is a multitalented artist, who has appeared on Couple Goals Season 3 and has written sketches for AVOD.

Y Combinator’s W21 Class

If you’ve read about Y Combinator’s new batch of startups, you probably know they’ve got a new batch titled “W21.” This is the largest YC batch to date, with over 350 companies coming from 41 nations. The startups include BharatX, Leap Club, and other well-known companies.

YC’s latest batch — W21 — features 350 startups from 41 nations

The YC accelerator program recently announced its latest batch of startups — the W21 class. It features 350 startups from 41 nations. A significant percentage of these companies are located outside of the United States.

The majority of these startups come from Nigeria. As the largest African country, this is a strong indicator of YC’s preference for startups from Africa.

The next few months will see more African startups selected by YC. However, the selection process continues into the spring. In total, there are 40 African startups that were funded by YC over the past several years.

These companies include a range of financial services. Djamo is a challenger bank in Cote d’Ivoire, which enables users to pay for a wide variety of bills. Grey, a cross-border mobile payment platform, also provides foreign currency accounts for Africans.

In addition to financial services, there are health and education technology startups. Dayra, an API fintech platform, allows companies to offer loans and financial services.

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