An Overview of Brain Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia

Brain injuries are among the most costly and life-changing injuries a person may sustain. Minor brain injuries, also known as concussions, usually heal in weeks and do not leave victims with long-term consequences. When patients experience a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), they may confront many physical obstacles and ever-increasing medical costs. A Philadelphia brain injury attorney can help you take legal actions regarding your brain injuries. 

A catastrophic TBI prevents patients from returning to work or finding meaningful employment in the most severe circumstances. A family can be torn apart by the mental stress and financial weight of a TBI, leading to bankruptcy, foreclosure, and other problems. 

What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries and How Do They Happen? 

A TBI is most commonly caused by a sudden impact or blows to the head, which disrupts the brain’s normal function. TBIs are divided into two types: open and closed. 

  • Injury to the Open Head 

When there is a crack in the skull, and a foreign item penetrates the brain, it is known as a penetrating brain injury. This type of TBI is frequently linked to acts of violence, such as gunshot wounds or knife wounds. On the other hand, a fractured skull can result in bone fragments entering the brain.  

  • Injury to the Closed Head

A quick forward or backward movement disturbs the brain, causing brain tissue and blood vessels to bruise or tear. There is no piercing wound. This kind of TBI is frequently linked to car accidents. 

How can a traumatic brain injury attorney help? 

If someone causes a traumatic brain injury as a consequence of negligence or wrongdoing, that person or company may be held liable for the victim’s and family member’s medical expenses. TBI care can cost millions of dollars over the course of a person’s life. Obtaining the compensation you and your family require for ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, and financial security in the future will almost certainly necessitate the assistance of an attorney. To do so, you’ll need a thorough investigation into your accident, as well as clear and convincing evidence of the at-fault party’s misbehavior, a complete diagnosis, and an estimate for future medical care, among other things. 

A firm’s traumatic brain injury lawyers have the tools to handle any case. These tasks are to build a strong case and hire experts who can testify about the accident’s cause, the extent of your brain impairment, and its long-term effects on your life. 

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