An Unforgettable Trip To Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary

It was a Friday afternoon when my family and I decided to enjoy the weekend and go to a wildlife park and animal sanctuary. We opted to go to Nandankanan, one of the less explored yet truly magnificent wildlife sanctuaries in Orissa. The time taken to travel would be limited and we would be able to spend the entire weekend there.

Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural and cultural site, as well as a popular attraction for foreign tourists. We were seeking a way to pause, take a break from our hectic lives, and appreciate being amidst all the greenery and nature. We wanted to be in a location where we could simply relax and enjoy the landscape, and Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary turned out to be the perfect place.

Driving to Nandankanan

Since it was just a 4-hour drive from our home, we booked a reliable Bhubaneswar taxi service with an experienced driver and started our journey. On our journey to the sanctuary, we played musical games, ate snacks, took photographs of each other, and did everything as a family that we never get to do on a regular workday.

We arrived at the lovely sanctuary after a relatively short trip and discovered that it was a zoo, sanctuary, and botanical park all rolled into one. It was the perfect nature’s getaway that we were looking forward to. It was set within the magnificent surroundings of the Chandaka Forest, making it full of trees and lush green.

We also explored the lovely Kanjia Lake in addition to the sanctuary. We visited the lake and saw the numerous rare birds that were flying around. We also had some fun by dipping our toes in the icy lake water and splashing water at each other. It was one of the most simple yet calming things we did there.

Enjoying the nature and wildlife

We spotted numerous endangered animals that are well protected within the Nandankanan wildlife sanctuary and zoo when we were there. Indian Crocodiles, Lion-tailed Macaque, Asiatic Lion, Nilgiri Langur, Mouse Deer, and Indian Pangolin are among the species. We even observed a tiger couple during our tour.

The Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary does indeed have a diverse range of birds, fishes, and reptiles that kept us enthralled. However, it was a little sad to learn that some of these majestic species might soon go extinct from the face of the earth.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park after wandering for a while, recharging ourselves with fresh juices and sandwiches. As the day turned to dusk, we relaxed for a while before going for the evening safari. We had another chance to witness a broad range of animals and the breathtaking wildlife of the sanctuary during the safari. After spotting some brilliant blackbucks, sambars and deer, our safari and the trip came to an end.

Remembering the beautiful visit

We had already made our reservation for the return trip using a taxi booking app. After a hearty dinner, we began our journey home. During the ride, we all agreed that this trip turned out to be a memorable bonding time with family and that it should be done more frequently. We get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we forget to look out for ourselves, our mind and body.

Even little things like spending time with loved ones, going for a mini vacation, or having a good laugh can often make things better. We all agreed on this, and when we reached home that evening, we all reminisced about the day we had. It was indeed a memorable experience for all of us.

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