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A healthy and environmentally friendly shopping tip is to buy in bulk at ,wholesale foodstuffs, grocery stores, or even markets.

Do you like that every time you want to eat pasta, you have to be responsible for the plastic packaging waste? Likewise when buying almost all other products whose packaging is plastic. This is why buying food ingredients in , مواد غذائية بالجملة is highly recommended for us environmentalists.

It would be even better if we all bought in large quantities so that there was no need to go back and forth producing vehicle pollution. Sometimes when we buy in large quantities can get a cheaper price.You can order online from arzagplus تطبيق مواد غذائية .

Buying groceries in bulk also reduces food waste. If we only need 200 grams of Moringa leaf powder for a particular recipe, then there is no need to buy it in packaged form, which is usually more in number. Often this kind of behavior makes us have excess stock of food ingredients and over time they expire.

Here are 15 healthy food ingredients that are better bought in Whole sale rate  to reduce food waste:


can last up to three years when in a closed container. Good to eat at breakfast. Buy as needed. In addition, there is no expiration date as long as it is stored in a closed place. –


Often overcooked pasta because there is too much in one package. If you buy in bulk, you can buy according to the portion you eat.


Such as cinnamon, turmeric powder, star anise, candlenut, coriander.

Coconut Milk Powder

Lasts longer than fresh coconut milk or packaged coconut milk.


Sometimes crackers are wasted because they quickly become sluggish. Better to buy crackers in the amount we can afford to consume.Dried fruits such as dates, raisins, cranberries. Can be used as a highly nutritious snack.


If we want to regulate salt consumption, it is better to buy it in limited volume.


Just like with salt, we who want to limit the use of sugar, prefer to buy in bulk version.


important for those of us who live alone so we don’t need to buy rice in large quantities. In addition, if we are reducing consumption of white rice, we can buy in bulk brown or brown rice.

Olive Oil

Now there is an online store that sells olive oil in bulk. The price is more efficient and we can store it for a long time.

Coconut Oil

Useful for increasing the body’s metabolism. It can be purchased in bulk at various online shops.


Superfood can be an alternative to rice for those of us who are on a diet or want to live a healthy lifestyle. The price is much more expensive than rice. But buying quinoa in bulk can make us control its use.


Fans of healthy food certainly know how useful flaxseed and chia seeds are for us. Bulk stores often provide these options.

Village eggs

For a cheaper price and without plastic packaging, it is better if we buy it at the market.

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