Batam’s Local Culinary Recommendation That You Must Try

Batam is one of the transit cities when you want to visit Malaysia or Singapore. There are many hotels in Batam, such as the Aston Batam hotel which is comfortable to use as a resting place. Famous as a business city that has enchanting natural beauty, Batam City also has a tantalizing culinary wealth. The local food of Batam is also thick with Malay elements. If you’re stopping in Batam, it’s a must to try the following special foods.

Batam Fish Soup

The first local food is Batam fish soup. This fish soup is so delicious that it is widely available in branches that provide Batam specialties, and it is said that it has even spread to Singapore. This fish soup is different from other regional fish soups because it uses green tomatoes that are still sour instead of ripe red tomatoes.

This soup usually contains delicious and savory mackerel fish, squid, and shrimp as protein. For vegetables, there are green tomatoes, salted vegetables, and lettuce. All of this is served in a tasty and warm fish soup, guaranteed to make you addicted.

Sago Noodles

The next local Batam food is sago noodles. This noodle is a noodle with the basic ingredients of sago flour. Usually, this sago noodle will be served as fried noodles seasoned with a spicy salty combination flavor. The difference between sago noodles and other noodles is the unique texture and elasticity of the noodles and will not be found in noodles that are processed using ordinary flour. Another difference is in size and aroma. Sago noodles are usually large when compared to regular noodles.

The distinctive aroma of this noodle comes from the thick aroma of sago, when mixed with herbs and spices it will create a distinctive aroma. Sago noodles are usually used as a menu of choice for tourists for breakfast. The biting taste wakes up drowsiness because of the spices and spicy taste, making sago noodles a great breakfast food

Selat Panjang Noodles

Selat Panjang noodles are the next Batam specialty. Actually, this food is a local food that comes from Riau but is absorbed by the Batam area. The original name of this meal is the name of one of the districts in Riau, namely Selatpanjang. This noodle is unique because of its unique presentation. This noodle uses shrimp broth sauce doused with peanut sauce. The prawn broth used here is spiced and sweetened.

This combination of flavors produces a biting savory taste that is also sweet. The peanut sauce is similar to the peanut sauce in gado – gado and pecel but is made thinner. The combination of this sauce and sauce makes fans crave it. These noodles usually contain tofu, bean sprouts, egg, and yellow noodles. But for those of you who are spicy lovers, you can ask to add pieces of cayenne pepper according to your taste into the noodles.


This Batam otak-otak is made from mackerel fish mixed with egg mixture, sago flour, coconut milk, and then mixed with herbs and spices. The local Batam otak-otak usually comes with a unique taste. There is a spicy taste and an original taste. If you want to bring these brains as souvenirs, it is recommended to buy raw ones. Later when you get home, you can store it in the refrigerator and burn it yourself if you want to eat it right away.

Tarempa noodles

The next local Batam food that you must try is tarempa noodles. Not unexpectedly many local foods are in the form of noodles in Batam. Tarempa noodles come from the Tarempa area in Riau and usually the chef who cooks it is also someone from Tarempa. The noodles in this dish are in the form of flat noodles, although not as wide as kwetiau, these noodles are flatter and wider. Usually, noodles are served in the form of gravy or fried to order.

The thing that makes tarempa noodles unique is the topping. The toppings that are definitely there are bean sprouts and fried onions, but the protein toppings can usually vary. Toppings can range from eggs, shredded fish, beef, shellfish, shrimp, and even snails.

That’s the local cuisine of Batam and you must try it. If you visit Batam, you can book flight tickets and hotels on Traveloka. Traveloka provides a wide selection of hotels and airlines with easy payments.

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