Benefits and Disadvantages to Key Fob and Key Card Access Control

When we take care of a business, it’s hard to say what are the best ways to keep our property secure so many options drown us. But today, we are here to help you choose in this case about the ways to open our smart lock among so many methods with facts, from the advantages to the disadvantages. 

Don’t miss out on this, be confident in making a decision and finally get the security your home needs. 

Benefits of wireless remote control

Admittedly, a remote control tends to offer a great range of motion, you can be getting out of your car and already have your door open to enter, you don’t depend on a cable and you don’t need to stand at the door for seconds which avoids planned break-ins. In general, a non-wireless system requires more maintenance, so avoiding problems adds its own positive points.

Another benefit that we definitely need to mention is that they are customizable, both in function and aesthetics, you choose what icons you need on the wireless controller or what level of response it should have, although this can also be determined through the model to buy. It is really a positive bet for people who are looking for comfort over aesthetic detail. 


The disadvantage of installing a wireless control to open your doors is that it can get lost and anyone with the remote can give access to your business. You must be very attentive to have it on hand to avoid inconveniences, since the loss of the original remote control requires a reprogramming of the key fob. 

Benefits of card access control

This method is very similar to the previous one, but with something much more minimalist like a card. The cards are editable and can only give you access to certain types of doors within the company or business depending on your position. Being the boss, yours is the definitive one that has access to any door, something like a master key but in the form of a card.

Among the positives of this type of system is that it restricts access if necessary and allows functionality in a convenient presentation, you can even keep it in your wallet for when you need it. 


The only disadvantage is to lose the card and risk someone else getting in, for these cases you should call a locksmith to cancel the card and create another one that responds to your specific security system, or you can cause a system lockout if done wrong.

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