Best 5 Video Games That Have Been Turned Into Online Slot Games 

Creating a video slot is hard enough creating one in a world where there are many in existence already, is harder still. This is why slots developers eventually turn to existing art forms such as hit movie franchises, successful TV shows and of course video games for inspiration.

Critics might say that this is cutting corners in the creative process but slots based on other media can be highly lucrative. Basing a slot on video games, film and TV shows can guarantee interest in the slot even before it is released, thanks to a preexisting fan base that are willing to buy into anything attached to the entertainment they love.

Video games are especially interesting as they are more closely related to slots than film and TV and slot creators are especially interested in trying to lure gamers away from console games and into the world of slots.

However, this can prove hard to accomplish as console games have far bigger budgets and contain superior graphics to best slot games. Despite this, a number of video games have been turned into successful slots and the downgrade in graphics has not affected their popularity with experienced video gamers. Here are the best 5 video games that have been turned into slots. 

1 Street Fighter 

Street Fighter is an iconic video game of a generation and the slot wisely keeps the best elements of the game intact, guaranteeing video games fans some nostalgia whilst they spin this 5-reeler that boasts 25 paylines. Look out for the Street Fighter logo as it acts as the scatter. 

2. Street Fighter 2 

Street Fighter 2 is the newest addition to the slots list based on video games and it is a worthy effort by NetEnt. It is based on Capcom’s iconic arcade game follow up to Street Fighter. The action takes place on a 5×5 grid and all 8 characters from the 1991 arcade blockbuster make it to the slot armed with different modifiers. You may have to wait a little longer to sink your teeth into this game as it was pulled by NetEnt shortly after its release. This should hopefully be temporary with the slot making a comeback soon. 

3. Tomb Raider 

Lara Croft took the video gaming world by storm as the sexy adventurer and she also starred in a couple of hit movies too. This made the Tomb Raider slot game inevitable and since the original game was released, a few spin offs have also hit the market. Microgaming are behind the original game and the action takes place on 5-reels with 15 paylines. 

4. Resident Evil 

You may have lost count of how many Resident Evil movies there have been but the slot game is easier to keep track of. It’s a feature filled game played on 5-reels with 20 paylines. The Resident Evil logo is the wild and the Umbrella Corp triggers the bonus. 

5. Call Of Duty 

This first person shooter mega hit has created a decent enough slot that hasn’t quite hit the heights expected.

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