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When it comes to bathroom sinks, fashion and functionality are not mutually exclusive. Both high-traffic baths and plush washrooms can benefit from chic designs and innovative features. Take time to explore options for products that look and work the way you want them to. With such a variety of styles, shapes and finishes, choosing the right sink for your space can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for tips on finding a sink that’s perfect for your style and space, look no further.

Start with size

The trendiest sink on the planet won’t do any good for your bathroom if it doesn’t fit where you need it. Remember that with or without a washbasin, the sink should be placed within reach of the water connections. Choosing the ADA bathroom sink is the best option as it comes in various sizes and also this array of sinks is sure to fulfill your needs. Whether it is for residential or commercial requirements, top mount or under mount. Before ordering anything, it is helpful to indicate exactly where the sink will be located and how much space you need to work with.

  • Before choosing a sink, measure the space on the countertop or find out the exact dimensions of the sink.
  • If you are looking for a pedestal washbasin instead of a washbasin, mark the available floor area before ordering to compare it to the washbasin dimensions.
  • When looking at the sink under the countertop, be sure to pay attention to the size and shape of the cutout in the dresser. Measure the distance between the cutout and backsplash and the faucet holes to make sure the sink will fit with the extra installation space.

Installation types

Start by measuring your space and then decide how your sink will be installed. You can only replace the sink if it matches your existing cabinet or washbasin. If you are doing a complete refurbishment, your options are only limited by your budget and the size of your bathroom.

Drop-In sink

The fall into the sink rests on the edge of a pre-cut hold in a closet or dressing table. The edge of the sink rises above the countertop to keep the water inside and to hold and secure the sink in place. They are easy to install – just place in the countertop opening and secure! Existing in many shapes, sizes, finishes and valve configurations. 

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted sinks do not have cabinet support. They are screwed to the wall and connected directly to the water supply. They can be found on flat walls or in compact corner blocks.

  • Most of the floor is open, which visually expands the available space and is easy to clean.
  • Offers a unique uncluttered minimalist look.
  • A good option for small bathrooms.
  • Limited surface area and lack of storage space, depending on washing style.
  • Available in many shapes, sizes, finishes and faucet configurations.

Pedestal sinks

The classic style of the pedestal washbasin lends a traditional elegance to any bathroom. A pedestal sink does not have a countertop, and the base of a sink is usually made of the same material as the sink itself for design consistency.

  • Stylish design element, versatile look for any theme.
  • A good option for ladies’ rooms.
  • Available in one or two piece design.
  • Limited surface area and no storage space.
  • Available in many shapes, sizes, finishes and faucet configurations.


The under-counter washbasin is installed under a cut-out in a cupboard or washbasin. It features a flat worktop that is easy to wipe clean and the sink is out of sight. As with the inset sink, there is no edge to define the profile of the sink, because the sink is fastened with clamps and bolts to the underside.

  • These sinks have no tap holes – the faucets are attached to the sink or wall.
  • Maximizes available rack space.
  • Flush design for easy cleaning.
  • Available in a full range of shapes, sizes and finishes.


With a sink for dishes, the traditional look of a water basin has been enhanced by more modern freedom of materials and advances in Plumbing Express Sydney. The interior and exterior washbasins have a unique bowl design, either in finish or in shape, and the sink sits on top of the countertop or washbasin rather than inside it.

  • Stylish design element – easily adaptable to any interior.
  • Faucet types are required to accommodate the additional height of the sink.
  • Available in many shapes, sizes and finishes.

Vanity sink

Washbasin sinks are usually made to match the cabinet they sit on. The base and sides of the sink are one solid piece that forms the top of the cabinet. There may or may not be storage underneath, such as shelving or drawers, depending on the style of the cabinet.

  • Vanity sinks
  • Easy to clean.
  • Placed directly on a pedestal or console.
  • Available in many shapes, sizes, finishes and faucet configurations.

Tap holes

Each bathroom sink has a matching faucet configuration, so it is helpful to have an idea of ​​which faucet you are looking for when choosing a sink (or vice versa). You will have three choices for most of any sink you are considering: single-hole or three-hole options in the 4-inch center piece, or wide whole patterns.

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