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Best Content Ideas to Increase Engagement on Facebook Page

In order to increase your Facebook engagement, you must post content people are interested in. Posting the best types of topics will get more engagement than anything else because they’re informative. Creating a Facebook page and posting engaging posts often can help one get more Facebook Page Likes.

Your Facebook page is a virtual space that allows you to share your thoughts, memories and ideas. In order to get people interested in what you have to say, it’s important that you create content that’s engaging, not just informative.

As the owner of a Facebook page, you need to consistently ensure that the audience isn’t just viewing your content but engaging with it and sharing it with others. Below are some of the best content ideas that help a Facebook page owner increase engagement.

Tell Stories

Make things personal by sharing your own experiences and adventures. Then, make it a more personalized experience by using the one-on-one interview with your company employee who knows about your business. Stories are the most powerful way to get your audience interested in what you say.

You must tell your business story regularly and remind your audience why they should continue to support you. This way, you will successfully make an emotional connection with your audience. Also, tell stories about your life along with business experience.

DIY Tutorials

Tutorials are great content ideas because they are both informative and entertaining. People like doing their car repairs or remodelling their houses by themselves. You can help them by giving them tutorials on how they can do what they like on their own while at home.

People love how-to videos, especially regarding an area that’s relevant to their interests. By adding a helpful DIY tutorial video to your Facebook page, you will make sure that your audience feels more connected with you and your page.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is one of the best ways to create or build relationships with potential and existing customers. However, think twice creatively about the questions you will prepare to ask the audience. For example, you can make your questions fun by making them contests or quizzes.

You should regularly ask questions related to your business on a Facebook page because it helps increase engagement and people’s opinions about the product or service. In addition, asking questions content has the potential to quickly increase engagement.

Post Trending Content

The most engaging content on your Facebook page is trending content. Your audience will get curious about what’s being talked about. Of course, posting content that is in trend will not help your post to appear in audience feeds, but there’s a high chance audience sharing it.

You can create your list of the best trending topics based on your industry. By doing this, you’ll be able to become more active on Facebook and reach out to more people. In addition, creating and posting trending content, including information related to your brand, will increase engagement.


Content made in video form stimulates a lot of engagement from your followers. Videos are the most engaging type of content that you can post on Facebook. Videos effectively build brand recognition and show off your business in a more personal light.

Making a video and posting it on Facebook shows your audience a clear understanding of what you do. Also, it helps in communicating your message and entertainingly showcasing the brand. Some type of video content ideas is:

  • Stop motion
  • Informational
  • Educational


Sharing behind-the-scenes stories help a Facebook Page to engage. These moments and efforts make your business booming, so you must share this information with the people who matter. Some content, including telling the production process and introducing employees to behind-the-scenes content.

When you can show your fans what goes on at your company, they will better understand who you are and feel more connected to you as a person and as a brand. People easily connect when they know there is an effort to make something useful.

Product Photos

  • Any kind of Facebook page has a lot of photos.
  • Your audience would love to see photos of your offerings in their timeline.
  • You can add a product photo to your Facebook page and show off the features that come with the product you offer.
  • This image will help you increase engagement and attract more people to buy your products.
  • It’s essential to highlight or shows your products in the most creative ways in your post.

The Final Words

You can use these content ideas to boost your own FB Page Likes. Remember that your audience is engaged on social media, so your business must have a relevant Facebook presence. You must find trending and create engaging content that your audience likes.


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