Best Strategies of Lead Generation for B2B to Increase Conversion

Leads are one of the fundamental elements of B2B operation. More precisely put, they are ultimately your potential real customers waiting to happen, which is your MAIN business asset at all times. That is exactly why proper B2B lead generation agency – Belkins’ helps keep afloat and advance whole companies big and small alike. 

That is also why our team of specialists decided to share with you some insights concerning the most efficient and relevant B2B lead generation strategies, approaches, tips, and tricks. Let’s take a look at what you can ultimately do to boost the efficiency of your lead generation routine and achieve higher conversion rates.

Email Marketing for Potent Business-to-Business Lead Generation

Right now, email marketing is more than alive and well – it remains among the most efficient tools of attracting new customers and retaining the existing audience by using an impactful email newsletter. And such opportunities come in more than handy when it comes to getting high-quality business leads.

In a nutshell, you can compose and launch a regular newsletter that can either inform your existing and potential clients about the latest updates in the industry or promote your particular offers (or both interchangeably). You can share expertise and valuable business or technical insights in order to gain reputability in the eyes of potential leads. Formal email messages with cooperation and partnership proposals are also ideally distributed through good old electronic mail.

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Email comes in especially relevant in the B2B niche since most B2B companies use work emails to communicate with partners. Here’s an algorithm of composing a good B2B email:

  • Use a strong heading. It is the heading of an email that determines whether or not the recipient will open it.
  • The offer included in the letter has to be received by the right person. Should it be received by someone who has absolutely no interest in it, all the previous effort will be in vain.
  • Work on making your mailing style recognizable. Your brand has to be fixed in the minds of consumers. This way, even if they don’t make a purchase right away, they will develop brand recognition: your company will be the first one to pop up in their heads, should they or their friends need the product you provide.
  • Drop a call for action inside the letter and make sure all the links are active.

Outsourcing Your B2B Lead Lists Generation

Global outsourcing opportunities have long become an ultimate cost- and effort-saving shortcut for many companies out there. You can accumulate B2B sales lead lists with the help of outsourced providers as well. This approach allows finding and purchasing affordable B2B lead generation services that aren’t inferior in quality to the efforts of the top Western providers. 

If you lead a small to mid-scale company, you should seriously consider outsourcing opportunities instead of going to lengths of employing separate B2B lead generation specialists.

Profound Analytical Insights into B2B lead generation online 

You can in-depth analyze and get to know closer your target B2B leads through two awesome research methods:

Qualitative studies

This type of research will help you gain a more complete picture of your audience segmentation so that you could adjust your B2B lead generation efforts properly. You can carry out such studies through:

  • Face-to-face or remote interviews
  • Monitoring and analysis of user reactions
  • Focus groups polling

Quantitative studies

This type of research is more about general statistics and mass insights gathered through collection of mass opinions. This is usually done via email, online, or telephone surveys, which can be simple checklists.

Apart from these techniques, we’d also recommend to employ specialized tools. E.g., Semrush and AHRefs can help you explore websites that are most densely populated with the lead you target. Both services indicate the total number of backlinks on websites and allow you to explore keywords (which you can use in order to boost your own SEO efforts).

You can also go for community link building – some of the most valuable expertise is shared on community forums like Reddit and Quora. These Internet knowledge bases are also very popular and quite densely filled with target audiences of all sorts. So accumulating leads on forums and message boards comes in more than handy.

Content Marketing Strategies for B2B Online Lead Generation

If you want to use content marketing in terms of your B2B lead generation practice, you must be able to demonstrate your expertise and thus attract potential clients with your industry savviness through content. 

You should ultimately focus on providing value and insightful information for your target clients via engaging high-quality content. This is also a good boost to your SEO efforts that help promote your commercial offers in search result positions. You can efficiently acquire new businesses leads by employing the following content marketing strategies.

Launch a blog

A dedicated company blog where you regularly publish profiled articles, product reviews, news, niche discussions, and other relevant info that your segment of clients may find useful and insightful can help you gain hearty additions to your B2B lead lists through expertise and niche favor.

Show off case studies

Case studies of your successfully completed projects will also add up to your company’s reputability as an industry specialist while also helping B2B sales lead candidates see in detail how things are done in your line of expertise.

Share testimonials

We can confidently say that people tend to normally trust the opinions and impressions of other people they can relate to. The same goes for your B2B clients – positive testimonials of your previous clients should encourage and convince the potential leads to turn to your services with confidence.

Distribute a whitepaper

A detailed whitepaper on the specifics of your business is always a great insight for potential clients looking to get a better grasp on the industry specifics. You may as well publish it right on your landing page/website or in your dedicated blog.

Organize an event

Active entrepreneurs and business reps (i.e., your target clients) value insightful industry- or niche-specific education opportunities a lot. You can, for instance, launch an informative webinar and it should certainly attract a good share of attention. At the same time, you get a great venue for promotion where you can distribute samples and gifts.

Create a free offer

The organization of giveaways is a well-tried-and-tested strategy to boost an average order value, conversion rate, and customer loyalty. For instance, you can give away a free product when a customer spends a certain sum of money or when a customer orders a specific item. 

You can set up a competition of some sort to ultimately engage people – it can be a referral contest, for instance, or a hashtag contest. Or make a giveaway where the prize (a product or a discount coupon) goes to a random social media follower who likes/comments/shares your post. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all about establishing one’s brand and promoting one’s products/services across major social networks and channels where millions of people gather for daily interactions. In terms of lead generation for B2B, popular social networks mustn’t be missed as they are really dense with communities dedicated to your business niche. 

The ultimate pro tip here would be to firmly establish your brand in such social channels as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. This comes down to creating an official page/profile in each network, using promotional capacities available there, creating and engaging in communities and groups, and leading active online presence. You can use your established social presence in order to:

  • Employ content marketing strategies by sharing relevant, useful content among your followers/subscribers;
  • Conduct surveys and gather opinions of target segments of clients;
  • Present your products/services most vividly with high-quality, eye-grabbing content (like images on Instagram and videos on YouTube);
  • Connect with individual potential B2B clients and demonstrate a humane approach of your business.
  • Use hashtags – hashtags do a lot of SEO magic, making your posts appear in search results. Employ your unique, authentic hashtags but also monitor the most popular hashtags in your niche and use them to boost your brand awareness.

With a firm social presence, you are ultimately putting your brand out there in the spotlight of the Mecca of global human activity. Tons of people practically live in social networks, so be fast to grab your share of the audience.


Efficient B2B lead generation pushes your business towards new profit and commercial success horizons. Belkins is your trusty B2B digital marketing agency of choice when it comes to accumulating and converting the highest-quality, highest-paying leads in the B2B sector. We have years of experience under our belt and well-honed field expertise to help you achieve fast and visible conversion-boosting results so contact us.

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