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Asian athletes are known to be promising in sports since their invention. Due to some stereotypes, their latent talent has been concealed for a good amount of time but now at some certain sports, Asians are showing their massive skills. They have been achieving bright achievements in the Olympics, NFL and many more sports organisations. Athletes such as Tiger Woods, Mary Kom, Li Na are trailblazers and game-changers in sports events. Some of the sports according to 먹튀검증 Asians are promising are Archery, Gymnastics, Sumo Wrestling and Table Tennis.

Archery: It invented from the tactics of hunting, archery is now a sport, which, in plain words, is using a bow to shoot a fixed point. Evidence has been found of the Archery dates to the Shang dynasty of China. South Koreans are regarded as the second in position, possessing a score of 315 in the world. South Korean archers have won 27 out of 39 gold medals since the 1984 Olympics. Archer Deepika Kumari is the world no. 1 female archer having a hat trick of gold medals in the Archery World Cup. And the no.4 of the world ranking male archer is Galsan from Russia.

Sumo Wrestling:  This sport was invented in Japan now being dominated by Mongolian wrestlers. Mongolian sumo wrestler Hakuho, winning his last tournament, now holds the record for most career championships scoring a total of 45 worldwide. He started winning tournaments at the age of 35 only. Sumo wrestling takes place only in Japan but the winning of Mongolians are noticeable there. Of the 58 professional tournaments held in Japan, Mongolians won 56. Now, they are termed Yokozuna which means highest-ranked sumo wrestlers. According to its origination, sumo wrestling was originated in Japan, now being their national sport.

Gymnastics: Russia and China are currently the triumphant teams in gymnastics in tournaments held worldwide. The Chinese are in the 4th rank in world gymnastics possessing a score of 105. The 2020 Olympics gymnastics was won by the Russians. Svetlana Khorkina of Russia is in the 2nd rank in the world gymnastics record. The Soviet Union has nine famous gymnastics who won gold in Olympics. Larisa Latinyna is at no.1 rank in the Olympics and Nikolai Andrianov at no.2, both of them from the Soviet Union. The Chinese are also showing remarkable results in gymnastics recently with Cheng Fei having 6 gold medals across the world.


Table Tennis: The Chinese are the best in Table Tennis and not only do they have the best coaches but also they have good techniques and strategies and tactics. The Asians live the table tennis a lot as it is competitive and is an ideal pastime. China has the highest percentage of winning and is at no.1 with 85.7% medals. Fan Zhendong is currently the no.1 table tennis player according to International Table Tennis Federation.


It’s not that Asians are not good at sports but due to the biased attitude of the sports organizer and lack of skilled coach, the potential remains latent. So, proper flourishment is necessary to brighten the future of Asian athletes and heighten the sports industry of Asia. There are remarkable athletes in Asia and the above-mentioned tournaments are the one’s, we can bet on.

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