Can Anonymous Content Solve The Problems Of Mainstream Media? 

Why has anonymous content grown in popularity and demand recently? More and more people are gravitating towards anonymous content, and independent webpages, as a result of less and less favorability towards the mainstream media. Independent and anonymous websites like The Doe have grown in popularity because of this migration witnessed online. As a result, the mainstream media has been under fire, with a lot of their viewership falling out of love with them.

This is because of the mainstream media’s increasing bias in the way they provide their content. Unlike independent platforms, the mainstream media is often sponsored, or funded, by a group of individuals. This creates a conflict of interest, as the content becomes less about originality and more about delivering personal interests and gains. In recent years readers, viewers, and internet users have become aware of this conflict and, as a result, have migrated towards other alternative sources of content. 

This raises the question of “can anonymous content solve the problem of mainstream media?” So far, anonymous content has worked in not only providing content in an unbiased manner, detaching identity from the content, which works in delivering the content at face value, away from preconceived bias. But anonymous content also succeeded in fact-checking and validating the bias of the mainstream media platforms. Time will tell the lengths of anonymous content, however, in this regard, anonymous content is important, and is solving the problem of mainstream media. 

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