Casino Tips & Strategies for Baccarat 

Humans have been gambling in some shape or form for many thousands of years, however it is only in the last couple of centuries that this age-old obsession has become a bit more ordered. You see, before the 17th century the world didn’t have the kind of gambling framework that casinos provide, and it was therefore a lot harder to pin down the precise rules of games varying from blackjack, all the way through to baccarat. 

Luckily for baccarat players throughout the ages, this is a fairly simple casino game compared to other more complex things like poker. It may be a simple game, but baccarat has a long history, with its origins said to lie with an Italian gambler called Felix Falguierein who invented the game in the 15th century. As you can imagine, there have been plenty of baccarat strategies created over the last several hundred years, and today we are going to list a few of the best ones you can use at 

Baccarat: A few of the basics 

Not everybody is going to be familiar with the game of baccarat, so we thought it would be a good idea to spell out a few of the baccarat basics before getting too deep into baccarat strategy. In essence baccarat is quite a simple game, relying on the same kind of basic principles as blackjack. 

First, the gambler will make a bet on either the player or the bank hands. After this the dealer will deal 2 cards to the player and the bank. Whichever hand adds up to a total closest to 9 wins the round, and this is where your initial bet comes in. It is also worth noting that face cards during baccarat are given zero values, and the Ace is counted as 1. 

The best casino tips and strategies for baccarat success 

As you can see, baccarat is a relatively simple game with a fairly small number of potential plays, however despite this there are still multiple opportunities to engage in some winning baccarat tips and strategies. Here are a few of our favourite baccarat strategies to bear in mind when playing: 

  •       Stay away from the tie bet: This is one piece of baccarat strategy that is more important than most – staying away from the tie bet. Although the tie bet has the highest pay out of all baccarat bets, it is also the least likely to actually happen. As a result the tie bet can often be a simple cash hole!
  •       Always consider the bank bet: Through simple statistical mathematics we can see that the bank bet is the most likely to come through as a winning option, and that is why many baccarat players base their strategy on a steady flow of bank bets.
  •       Don’t forget about casino incentives: No matter where you are playing, there is always the chance that you can take advantage of some casino bonus offers. You should never ignore this either, because it can give you valuable extra funds to use in your betting.
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