Classy Salesforce Integration: Why You Should Consider & How To Get Started

Thousands of nonprofit organizations use Classy for fundraising, and many associations pair this platform with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. The best nonprofit software allows for a full-featured Classy Salesforce integration and makes it easier to connect Salesforce to other third-party tools with limited or no API support to share data with most constituent relationship management and engagement systems.

Get a 360 Degree View Of Your Donations & Supporters

Organizations that integrate Classy’s fundraising tools with Salesforce NPSP constituent relationship management software can gain more perspective on donations and supporters. Classy should supply information that might otherwise be lacking from contact records, while Salesforce can provide constituent information to personalize giving requests. Existing integration support enables these systems to work together, but integration software provides more robust solutions.

Any fundraising tools used in conjunction with NPSP should be able to populate Salesforce records with up-to-date donation information. As long as donor data remains separate from contacts, the ability of an organization to segment records based on donation history may be limited or nonexistent. Integrating fundraising and constituent management software is essential for a nonprofit to get a more comprehensive perspective on giving.

Better Identify Opportunities for Larger Contributions

When Classy is integrated with NPSP, an organization can segment donors based on past donation amounts. Other options are also possible within Salesforce or integration software such as Omatic, including donor scoring and screening wealth markers. All of these data points can be combined to help organizations identify opportunities to request and receive more substantial gifts. if you want to Generate Dynamic Document on your site use Document generation for Salesforce

Another valuable opportunity for integration lies in donation matching programs. Connecting Salesforce NPSP contacts with Classy donors can identify which supporters are eligible for employer gift matching. This additional measure can double or otherwise substantially increase contribution totals for multiple donors. The ability to square contact information with donor information can also pay off in other ways, such as identifying donors who are more likely to make recurring gifts.

Gain Insights From Fundraising and Relationship Data

A combination of donation and broader contact information is essential for supporter records. Records that lack contact, affiliation, household or gift information are incomplete. Integration is the only way to ensure that all of the relevant information available for contacts is readily accessible for use in fundraising, engagement and outreach.

Complete contact records are also useful for analytics and segmentation. An organization can use tools built into Salesforce, Classy or integration software to obtain valuable insights. Without integration solutions, information may not be matched across platforms. This can result in duplicate or incomplete records. Integrating all of the systems in use allows stakeholders to glean the most accurate and potentially valuable insights from all of the available data.

A Classy Salesforce integration can be a cost-effective way for not-for-profit associations to manage donations and fundraising. The best nonprofit software for raising funds and managing constituent relationships provides useful features at price points within an organization’s operational budget. Small nonprofits and larger organizations should consider the benefits of integrating Classy and Salesforce using software that can also connect other systems.

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